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Emmett Lundy new

Old Time Fiddling From The State Of Arkansas

Hill Country Tunes You send me the tunes!

Milliner-Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes

Now That's A Good Tune: Masters of Traditional Missouri Fiddling

The Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory   by   R.P. Christeson

Old-Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes   by   Jeff Todd Titon

159 Original Georgia Fiddle Tunes A Tribute To Fiddlers From Georgia's 159 Counties

Play Me Something Quick and Devilish   by Howard Wight Marshall

Sittin' In The Catbird's Seat   by   Walt Koken

Key Of Bb - fiddle tunes in the key of B Flat

Key Of C - fiddle tunes in the key of C

Key Of F - fiddle tunes in the key of F

Calico - fiddle tunes in AEAC# tuning

DDAD - fiddle tunes in DDAD tuning

GDAD - fiddle tunes in GDAD tuning

Bonaparte - Bonaparte tunes

Galax old recordings from Galax 1966

Unknown Tunes - fiddle tunes I do not know the names of.

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