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Brandywine 1979

6th Brandywine Mountain Music Convention

July 1979 - Concordville, PA

Early Country Radio

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Title Artist Notes Track Order
Remember Me Bailes Brothers 3
I've Got My One Way Ticket To The Sky Bailes Brothers 3
Dust On The Bible Bailes Brothers 3
Give Mother My Crown Bailes Brothers 3
Wings Of A Dove Bailes Brothers 3
Arkansas Traveler Bailes Brothers 3
Cannonball Blues Wade Mainer 9
Rose Connelly Wade Mainer 9
Tricklin' Water Wade Mainer 9
Maple On The Hill Wade Mainer 9
Wildwood Flower Wade Mainer 9
That Star Belongs To Me Wade Mainer 9
Faded Coat Of Blue Wade Mainer 9
The Man Who Wore The Purple Rope Wade Mainer 9
Shout Lulu Wade Mainer 9
Walking In My Sleep Wade Mainer 9
Dance All Night With A Bottle In My Hand Wade Mainer 9

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