Brandywine 1979

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6th Brandywine Mountain Music Convention

July 1979 - Concordville, PA

Early Country Radio

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Title Artist Notes Track Order
Arkansas Traveler Bailes Brothers 2.56
Cannonball Blues Wade Mainer 9.01
Dance All Night With A Bottle In My Hand Wade Mainer 9.11
Dust On The Bible Bailes Brothers 2.53
Faded Coat Of Blue Wade Mainer 9.07
Give Mother My Crown Bailes Brothers 2.54
I've Got My One Way Ticket To The Sky Bailes Brothers 2.52
Maple On The Hill Wade Mainer 9.04
Remember Me Bailes Brothers 2.51
Rose Connelly Wade Mainer 9.02
Shout Lulu Wade Mainer 9.09
That Star Belongs To Me Wade Mainer 9.06
The Man Who Wore The Purple Rope Wade Mainer 9.08
Tricklin' Water Wade Mainer 9.03
Walking In My Sleep Wade Mainer 9.10
Wildwood Flower Wade Mainer 9.05
Wings Of A Dove Bailes Brothers 2.55