Obscure Old Time Tune Of The Month

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From 2016 to 2018, we selected an unusual tune to feature each month.

Hall of Fame Month/Year Key Tuning
Irish Washerwoman Reel by Blaine Smith August, 2017
Marcel's Reel by Marcel Robidas October, 2017
Poor Man's Troubles by Jess Johnston September, 2016 A Modal AEAE
Sheep Shell Corn By the Rattle of His Horns by George Mert Reves September, 2018 A AEAE
Carolina Rattlesnake by Lon Jordan November, 2017 A AEAE
Duck Creek by Peter Tumlinson Bell November, 2018 A AEAE
Warsaw 42nd by Jimmy Driftwood July, 2017 D DDAD
Miller Boy by Earl Collins December, 2017 D DDAD
Soldier's Joy by Jim "Skeeter" Walden April, 2016 C GCGD
Sallie Cooper by John Salyer April, 2018 G GDAD
Cheat Mountain by Cecil & John Snow June, 2016 D GDAE
West Virginia Polka by Harvey "Pappy" Taylor May, 2017 C GDAE
Sailor's Hornpipe by Charlie Kinney July, 2016 G GDAE
Tune for Howdy Forrester by Owen "Snake" Chapman June, 2017 G GDAE
Tequila Hop Blues by Narmour & Smith May, 2018 D GDAE
Flop Eared Mule by Tom Fuller August, 2016 C & G GDAE
Shady Lane by Darley Fulks June, 2018 F GDAE
Blue Flame by Vesta Johnson July, 2018 A GDAE
Four Miles to Cumberland by Glenn Smith October, 2016 G GDAE
Strawberry Blues by Reaves White County Ramblers August, 2018 Bb GDAE
Bunker Hill by Buddy Lancaster November, 2016 A GDAE
8th of January by Seth Mize January, 2016 G GDAE
Richmond Cotillion by Emment Lundy February, 2016 G GDAE
Fatback by Lowe Stokes January, 2017 C GDAE
Cornwallis's Surrender by Absie Morrison February, 2018 G GDAE
Bed Bug Blues by Clyde Davenport October, 2018 C GDAE
Wind That Shakes The Barley Reel by Vernon Riddle March, 2016 D GDAE
Sweet Grapes by Sidna & Fulton Myers February, 2017 G GDAE
Third Party by James Bryan January, 2018 G GDAE
Fannie Hill by Jake Phelps December, 2016 G GDAE
West Virginia Highway by The Iron Leg Boys March, 2017 C GDAE
Skunk in the Collard Patch December, 2018 G GDAE
Build A Little Boat by Howdy Forrester May, 2016 D GDAE
Cumberland Gap by Marion Reece April, 2017 G GDAE
Share Cropper's Blues by Dick Hutchison March, 2018 D GDAE
Rye Whiskey Waltz by the Farr Brothers September, 2017 G GDGD