Old Time Fiddling From The State Of Texas

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1901 Fort Worth Fiddle Contest

Titlesort descending Artist Key Tuning
Abb Ryman Cotillion Peter Tumlinson Bell C GDAE
Acorn Stomp Daniel H. Williams F GDAE
Apple Blossom A.J. Mears D GDAE
Apple Blossom Lewis Propps D GDAE
Arizona Stomp Daniel H. Williams C GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Eck Robertson & Henry Gilliland D GDAE
Babe Daniel H. Williams Eb GDAE
Beaumont Rag Eck Robertson F GDAE
Beaumont Rag Oscar Harper F GDAE
Bill Cheatam Eck Robertson A AEAE
Billy In The Low Ground Eck Robertson C GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground Oscar Harper C GDAE
Billy Wilson Eck Robertson A AEAE
Bitter Creek Red Williams G GDAE
Bitter Creek Oscar Harper G GDAE
Blackhawk Waltz J.C Hounshell F GDAE
Blues In A Bottle Prince Albert Hunt C GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Eck Robertson D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Benny Thomasson D DDAD
Brazos Bottom Rag J.W. Whatley F GDAE
Breakdown Red Williams D GDAE
Brilliancy Red Williams A GDAE
Brown Girl Of Paris A.J. Mears D GDAE
Bull At The Wagon Dempson Lewis A GDAE
Bumblebee On A Gourdvine Benny Thomasson A AEAC#
Bush In The Shucks Benny Thomasson D DDAD
Caliope Schottische Lewis Brothers C GDAE
Cheat 'Em Red Steeley A GDAE
Chicken Reel Unidentified Fiddler D GDAE
Combination Rag Daniel H. Williams C GDAE
Coming Across Texas Demnon & Dempson Lewis C GDAE
Crazy Rag Hugh Roden G & D GDAE
Cuban Two Step Samuel Peacock Bb GDAE
Cuckoo's Nest Bill Northcut D GDAE
Dallas Bound Oscar Harper G GDAE
Deacon Jones Daniel H. Williams C GDAE
Devil's Dream J.C. Fowler D GDAE
Diamond Joe J.D. Dillingham A GDAE
Dragging The Bow Red Williams A GDAE
Drunken Bill Goat Eck Robertson A GDAE
Dry & Dusty Eck Robertson D DDAD
Dusty Miller Eck Robertson A Modal GDAE
Eeph Caught a Rabbit Clinton Saathoff C GDAE
Eighth Of January E.K. Bowman D GDAE
Far In The Mountain Red Steeley A GDAE
Fatal Wedding Red Steeley D GDAE
Gal On The Log Captain M.J. Bonner A Modal GDAE
Get Up In The Cool Eck Robertson A EDAE
Girl I Left Behind Me Oscar Harper G GDAE
Great Big Taters Eck Robertson G GDAE
Grigsby's Hornpipe Eck Robertson A AEAC#
Hell Among The Moonshiners Bill Northcutt Bb GDAE
Hell Among The Yearlings Eck Robertson A Modal GDAE
Hot Foot Step and Fetch It W.B. Chenoweth D GDAE
Houston Slide Prince Albert Hunt C GDAE
Indian War Whoop Lewis Propps A AEAE
Indian War Whoop, Old Old Fashioned Lewis Propps A AEAE
Joe Turner Blues Red Williams A GDAE
Katy On Time Prince Albert Hunt C GDAE
Kentucky Waltz Eck Robertson C GDAE
Ladies' Fancy Ardell Christopher E GDAE
Last Shot Got Him W.B. Chenoweth F GDAE
Laughing Boy Benny Thomasson A AEAC#
Liberty Jack Harris D GDAE
Liza Jane Otis & Vernon Light A GDAE
Lost Indian Eck Robertson A AEAC#
Lost Indian Lewis Propps A AEAC#
Louisiana Man Lewis Propps A AEAE
McKinney Waltz Daniel H. Williams C GDAE
Midnight On The Water Benny Thomasson D DDAD
Mineola Rag Daniel H. Williams D GDAE
Mississippi Sawyer J.C. Fowler D GDAE
Mother's Reel Benny Thomasson C GDAE
My Frog Ain't No Bullfrog Eck Robertson C GDAE
New Broom J.C. Fowler G GDAE
Nine Miles From Town Drunk Unidentified Fiddler C GDAE
Oh Say Old Man, Can You Play A Fiddle? Red Williams E GDAE
Old Bell Cow Benny Thomasson A AEAC#
Old Joe Clark Otis Light A GDAE
Old Paint Unidentified Fiddler C gd
Old South J.C. Hounshell Bb GDAE
Old Sport Bill Northcutt A GDAE
Old Time Dance Tune A.J. Mears E GDAE
Old Virginia Reel Thomas Michaels D GDAE
Ozark Rag Daniel H. Williams F GDAE
Paddy On The Hand Car Red Steeley G GDAE
Peep O'Day Thomas Jefferson "Duck" Wootan C GDAE
Prisoner Boy Fiddlin' Jim Pate A AEAC#
Put Your Big Foot There E.K. Bowman G GDAE
RagtimeAnnie Eck Robertson D GDAE
Rickett's Hornpipe A.J. Mears D GDAE
Rocky Mountain Goat Ardell Christopher D GDAE
Rocky Road To Jericho Clifford Murray A AEAC#
Rose Waltz Benny Thomasson F GDAE
Run Boy Run Eck Robertson G GDAE
Saint Jobe's Waltz Red Steeley C GDAE
Sally Goodin' Oscar Harper G GDAE
Sally Johnson Dempson Lewis G GDAE
Sally Johnson Eck Robertson G GDAE
Sally Johnson Oscar Harper G GDAE
Sally Johnson Jack Harris G GDAE
Sally Johnson Thomas Jefferson "Duck" Wootan C GDAE
Sally Johnson J.C. Fowler G GDAE
Sally Johnson J.D. Dillingham G GDAE
Say Old Man Can You Play A Fiddle Eck Robertson E Minor EDAE
Scolding Wife Benny Thomasson C GDAE
Scolding Wife J.D. Dillingham C GDAE
Smith's Reel A.J. Mears D GDAE
Soldier's Joy E.K. Bowman D GDAE
Soldier's Joy Otis & Vernon Light D ADAE
Spanish Waltz Hugh Roden F GDAE
Steeley Rag Red Steeley D GDAE
Sweetest Flower Waltz Daniel H. Williams C GDAE
Sweetheart Waltz Hugh Roden F GDAE
Ten Cent Cotton Eck Robertson C GDAE
Terrell Texas Blues Oscar Harper C GDAE
Texas Farewell Fiddin' Jim Pate A AEAC#
Texas Quickstep Red Steeley D GDAE
Texas Wagoner Eck Robertson C GDAE
There's A Brown Skin Girl Down The Road Somewhere Eck Robertson G GDAE
Three In One Two Step Daniel H. Williams F GDAE
Tom & Jerry Clifford Murray A GDAE
Tom & Jerry Ardell Christopher A GDAE
Traveling Man Prince Albert Hunt A GDAE
Turkey In The Straw Eck Robertson C GDAE
Turkey In The Straw J.D. Dillingham C GDAE
Twinkle Little Star Oscar Harper D GDAE
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Samuel Peacock G GDAE
Wagner's Hornpipe Red Williams C GDAE
Wagoner Hornpipe Red Steeley C GDAE
Wake Up Jacob Prince Albert Hunt G GDAE
Walk Along Johnny E.K. Bowman G GDAE
Walt Of The Roses Prince Albert Hunt G GDAE
When Summer Comes Again Dempson Lewis G GDAE
Whoa Maude Whoa Otis Light G GDAE
Wild John Benny Thomasson C GDAE
Yearlings In The Canebrake Captain M.J. Bonner A Modal GDAE