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The Fiddle Book by Marion Thede

The Fiddle Book by Marion Thede


The Fiddle Book by Marion Thede (pronounced Thee Dee) was published in 1967. Ms. Thede's list of accomplishments include fiddle contest judge, violinist/violist with the Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra, head of the Oklahoma Folk Council, and author. For a more comprehensive list of her accomplishments, see Paul Kirk's TOTW #125 on his YouTube Channel.

Note: This collection of fiddle tunes differs from the "Audio Files For Book" collections already on Slippery-Hill as there are very few source recordings. Several contemporary musicians have given Slippery-Hill permission to use their interpretations of the tunes that are in this book. A big thank you goes out to Paul Kirk, Tom Sauber, and Rayna Gellert.

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Title Artist Key Tuning Sort descending
Drunken Hiccups Max Collins A AEAC#
Lost Indian Max Collins A AEAC#
Jenny Nettles Earl Collins A AEAC#
Poor White Man Earl Collins D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Paul Kirk D DDAD
Old Paint Tom Sauber D DDAD
Cotton Eyed Joe W.S. Collins G GDAD
Little Home To Go To Tom Sauber G GDAD
White Creek Earl Collins A AEAE
Wolves A Howling Earl Collins A AEAE
Give The Fiddler A Dram Paul Kirk A AEAE
Grey Eagle Tom Sauber A AEAE
Wrassled With A Wildcat Earl Collins A AEAE
Sweet Child Paul Kirk A AEAE
Railroad Runs Through Georgia Max Collins A AEAE
Great Big Taters In A Sandy Land Tom Sauber A AEAE
Idy Red Paul Kirk A AEAE
Liza Jane No 3 Earl Collins A AEAE
Lasses Cane W.S. Collins A AEAE
Green Back Dollar Max Collins A AEAE
Chicken Pie Tom Sauber A AEAE
I Lost My Liza Jane Max Collins A AEAE
Little Girl With The Hair All Down Behind Rayna Gellert A AEAE
Yellow Cat Earl Collins D GDAE
Custer's Last Charge Paul Kirk G GDAE
Lonesome Hill Max Collins D GDAE
Wag'ner One Step Paul Kirk C GDAE
Coleman Killed His Wife Paul Kirk D GDAE
Eighth Of January Earl Collins D GDAE
Texas Quickstep Max Collins D GDAE
Heel Flies Tom Sauber G GDAE
Creek Nation Paul Kirk C GDAE
Judge Parker Jesse Wallace G GDAE
Jenny On The Railroad Paul Kirk A Modal GDAE
Across The Sea Tom Sauber D GDAE
Benny Eat A Woodchuck Paul Kirk G GDAE
Bear Creek Earl Collins G GDAE
Wednesday Night Waltz Max Collins D GDAE
Green Valley Waltz George Edgin G GDAE
Springfield Girl Tom Sauber G GDAE
Mississippi Sawyer Paul Kirk D GDAE
Oklahoma Run Stan Jackson C GDAE
Pruitt Tom Sauber G GDAE
Good Indian Paul Kirk Em & G GDAE
Irish Wash Woman Austin Johnston G GDAE
Oklahoma Waltz Max Collins C GDAE
Slaton Waltz Paul Kirk G GDAE
Hanning's Farewell Paul Kirk A Modal GDAE
Walk Along John Earl Collins G GDAE
Sail Away Ladies Max Collins G GDAE
Went To The River And I Couldn't Get Across Paul Kirk A Minor GDAE
Cripple Creek Paul Kirk C GDAE
Cacklin' Hen Tom Sauber G GDAE
Number Nine W.S. Collins G GDAE
Dust In The Lane Tom Sauber A Modal GDAE
Molly Baker W.S. Collins G GDAE
Sally Johnson Tom Sauber G GDAE
Fort Smith W.S. Collins G GDAE
Paddy On The Turnpike Max Collins G GDAE
Forked Deer Paul Kirk D ADAE
Love Somebody Paul Kirk D ADAE
Finger Ring Paul Kirk D ADAE
Seven Up Paul Kirk D ADAE
Paddy Won't You Drink Some Good Old Cider Paul Kirk D ADAE
Soldier's Joy Paul Kirk D ADAE
Preacher's Favorite Paul Kirk D ADAE
Collins Breakdown Paul Kirk D ADAE
Rock The Cradle Lucy Max Collins D ADAE
Sourwood Mountain Paul Kirk D ADAD
Tom & Jerry Paul Kirk G GDGD
Red Bird Paul Kirk G GDGD
Tulsey Waltz Paul Kirk C GDGD
Cripple Creek Paul Kirk G GDGB
Devilish Mary Paul Kirk C GCGD
Last Of Callahan Paul Kirk C GCGD
Old Dan Tucker Paul Kirk G GDEB
Dry & Dusty Max Collins E EEBE
Five Miles From Town Tom Sauber A EEAE

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