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Keep It Old-Time


Keep It Old-Time

Keep It Old-Time by Howard Marshall


This installment brings us from the folk revival during the 1960’s to present day in Missouri fiddling. It shines a light on the rich tapestry of fiddling traditions within Missouri and introduces us to the musicians and families who have carried these traditions forward through ever changing times. Dr. Marshall’s meticulous research and firsthand interviews offer us a personal glimpse into the lives of these musicians, as well as the challenges and triumphs they faced in preserving their musical heritage. Dr. Marshall’s, “Keep It Old-Time” is an essential read for anyone interested in the legacy of Missouri fiddling.

- John P. Williams

Tune View
Title Artist Key Tuning
A & E Waltz Thomas Coriell A & E GDAE
Amelia's Waltz Hannah Farnum D GDAE
Angus Campbell Charlie Walden A GDAE
Bill Cheatem Henry Wells A GDAE
Black Sally Goodin Amber Gaddy G GDAE
Brenda's Reel Richard Shewmaker D & A GDAE
Buck Snort Gerald Jones A GDAE
Buckeye Reel Cleo Persinger G GDAE
Buzzard In A Pea Patch Fred Stoneking D GDAE
Dusty Miller Alita Stoneking A GDAE
Echoes Of The Ozarks Lee Stoneking D GDAE
Five Miles Out Of Town Mike Hartgrove D GDAE
Flowers From Heaven Charlie Cook Bb GDAE
Forked Deer Kelly Jones D GDAE
Fort Smith Matt Wyatt G GDAE
Forty Years Ago Waltz Liesl Schoenberger Bb GDAE
Goodnight Waltz Joe Fedrizzi C GDAE
Grape Leaf Rag Dick Logan D GDAE
Gravois Creek Pump Geoff Seitz A GDAE
Grey Eagle Trustin Baker A GDAE
Jack Danielson's Reel Travis Inman A GDAE
Jimmy Shank Little Dixie Hoss Hair Pullers A AEAE
Leather Britches Johnny Bruce G GDAE
Marcheta Dale Pauley D GDAE
Polka Medley Tom Verdot G GDAE
Polka Medley Tom Verdot
Rachel Taylor McBaine D GDAE
Reuben's Ridge John P. Williams G GDAE
Sally Goodin Gene Wells A GDAE
Sally in the Garden David Scrivner D Modal GDAE
Stony Point Levi Roden G GDAE
Sugar In The Gourd Pete McMahan A GDAE
Sugar Tree Stomp Howard Marshall G GDAE
Tippin' Back The Corn Roger Netherton A AEAE
Uncle Dan Junior Marriott C GDAE
Wink the Other Eye Kathy Summers G GDAE
Woodchopper's Hornpipe John Griffin D GDAE

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