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Unknown Tunes

Can You Identify Any Of These Tunes?




Title Artist Key Tuning Sort descending
GG-24.mp3 Gene Goforth
54 Tune Simon St. Pierre
mf-04.mp3 Massey Family
Unknown Gospel Tune Raymond Melton
bt-jp13.mp3 Buddy Thomas & JP Fraley
bt-jp18.mp3 Buddy Thomas & JP Fraley
le-16.mp3 Lyman Enloe
RP03-27.mp3 Roscoe Parish
hr-24.mp3 Harry Rich and family
corn03.mp3 John Ray "Doc" Corn
Unnamed Banjo Tune Phip Cressman
hr-32.mp3 Harry Rich and family
66 Jig Simon St. Pierre
Instrumental Roscoe Holcomb
cole-03a.mp3 Emment Cole
18 Reel Simon St. Pierre
cole-07.mp3 Emment Cole
31 Reel Simon St. Pierre
CS-37.mp3 Cyril Stinnett
cole-08.mp3 Emment Cole
56 Reel Simon St. Pierre
KB-01.mp3 Kenny Baker
ec-17.mp3 Earl Collins
71 Reel Simon St. Pierre
ti-02.mp3 Tom Isenhour
Fat-1970-2-12a Fat City String Band A GDAE
Unknown Red Gillihan Tune Red Gillihan Bb GDAE
EH01.mp3 Ellis Hall D, A & G GDAE
Unknown Charlie Pashia Schottische Charlie Pashia C GDAE
EH06.mp3 Ellis Hall D,G & G GDAE
Unnamed Jig Peter Kraus D GDAE
Unknown Charlie Pashia Reel Charlie Pashia C & G GDAE
EH12.mp3 Ellis Hall C GDAE
Unnamed Tune Peter Kraus A GDAE
Unknown Vesta Johnson Waltz Vesta Johnson G GDAE
Unnamed Tune Peter Kraus D GDAE
Unnamed Nile Wilson Tune#1 In C Nile Wilson C GDAE
Unnamed Waltz W.S. Collins F GDAE
Fat-1970-2-09a Fat City String Band A GDAE
Untitled Reel Thomas Jefferson "Duck" Wootan G GDAE
Fat-1970-2-09b Fat City String Band A GDAE
Unnammed Lon Jordan Tune in A Lon Jordan G GDAE
Fat-1970-2-09c Fat City String Band A GDAE
Unknown Red Gillihan Tune Red Gillihan G GDAE
Fat-1970-2-09d Fat City String Band A GDAE
Unknown Red Gillihan Tune 2 Red Gillihan G GDAE

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