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Old Time Fiddling From The State Of Alabama

Tune View
Title Artist Key Tuning
About Bill Owen & Elk River Drifters
Ain't Gonna Get No Supper Here Tonight Bill Owen A GDAE
Alabama Gals James Bryan G
Alabama Girls Ralph Whited G GDAE
Atlanta Hornpipe James Bryan F GDAE
Back Up And Push Bill Owen C GDAE
Big Bully Charles Stripling C GDAE
Big Eyed Rabbit Charles Stripling C GDAE
Big Footed Man In The Sandy Lot Charles Stripling G GDAE
Big Four Charles Stripling F GDAE
Bill Cheatham Paisley Hagood A AEAE
Billy In The Low Ground George Fields A EBF#C#
Billy Wilson Bill Owen A GDAE
Black Mountain Rag Charles Stripling A AEAC#
Bob Johnson's Tune George Fields E EBF#C#
Brandy Mountain Ralph Whited G GDAE
Buffalo Girls Paisley Hagood G GDAE
Bull In The Woods Paisley Hagood G GDAE
Cacklin' Hen Ralph Whited G GDAE
Chicken In The Barnyard Monte Sano Crowder A GDAE
Chickens Don't Roost Too High Leonard Keith C GDAE
Chuck A Luck Paisley Hagood G GDAE
Chuck A Luck Sam McCracken G GDAE
Coal Mine Blues Charles Stripling G GDAE
Coal Valley Charles Stripling C GDAE
Cumberland Gap Paisley Hagood G GDAE
Czar Of Russia's Favorite James Bryan F GDAE
Down In The Willow Garden Bill Owen G GDAE
Down In Union County Bill Owen A GDAE
Down The River Bill Owen G GDAE
Durang's Hornpipe Paisley Hagood D ADAE
Eighth Of January Sam McCracken D GDAE
Farewell Trion James Bryan C GDAE
Fisher's Hornpipe Paisley Hagood G GDAE
Flaming Mamie Lee Stripling Bb GDAE
Flop Eared Mule Paisley Hagood G GDAE
Forty Drops Charles Stripling F GDAE
Forty Drops Charles Stripling F GDAE
Franklin County Blues Oscar Stockton C GDAE
Geese Honking James Bryan Bb GDAE
Get Off Your Money Charles Stripling C GDAE
Goin' To Town Ralph Whited G GDAE
Going Across The Sea Bill Owen A GDAE
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad Ralph Whited G GDAE
Green Backed Dollar Bill Bill Owen C GDAE
Hamilton's Special Breakdown Wyzee Hamilton G GDAE
Hell Broke Loose In Georgia Bill Owen A GDAE
Hop High Ladies Ralph Whited G GDAE
Horseshoe Bend Charles Stripling C GDAE
Howdy Forrester's Hornpipe J.T. Perkins Bb GDAE
I Don't Want Your Millions Mister Ralph Whited G GDAE
I Told Them All About You Lee Stripling C GDAE
Jimalong Josie James Bryan D DDAD
June Rose Waltz Charles Stripling C GDAE
Kansas City Railroad Bill Owen D GDAE
Kansas Waltz James Bryan D ADAD
Kennedy Rag Charles Stripling F GDAE
Leather Breeches Bill Owen G GDAE
Limehouse Blues Lee Stripling C GDAE
Little Lucy Ralph Whited G GDAE
Look Out Blues James Bryan C GDAE
Lost Child Charles Stripling A AEAC#
Midnight Waltz Charles Stripling C GDAE
Mississippi Sawyer Bill Owen D GDAE
More Pretty Girls Than One Ralph Whited G GDAE
Muddy Road To Texas Everis Campbell D GDAE
New Born Blues Charles Stripling C GDAE
Off She Goes James Bryan C GDAE
Old Abbott Paisley Hagood A AEAE
Old Man And Woman Quarrelling Sam McCracken A AEAC#
Old Miss Anglin Bill Owen A GDAE
Old Mother Red Skin Paisley Hagood G GDAE
Old Time Liberty Ralph Whited G GDAE
Ole Bull Hornpipe James Bryan F GDAE
Ora Lee James Bryan G GDAD
Paddy On The Turnpike Ralph Whited G GDAE
Pie Crust George Fields E EBF#C#
Possum Hollow Charles Stripling F GDAE
Possum Up A Gum Stump Ralph Whited D GDAE
Rachel Paisley Hagood D GDAE
Red River Waltz Charles Stripling C GDAE
Ridin In An Old Model T Oscar Stockton C GDAE
Roaring River Monte Sano Crowder G GDAE
Run Boy Run Bill Owen D GDAE
Sail Away Ladies Paisley Hagood G GDAE
Sail Away Ladies Ralph Whited G GDAE
Sally Ann Bill Owen G GDAE
Sally Ann Paisley Hagood A AEAE
Sam Hill Ralph Whited G GDAE
Sammand Waltz Ralph Whited G GDAE
Seven Up George Fields E EBF#C#
Step Around Johnny Sam Taylor D GDAE
Stone Rag Bill Owen C GDAE
Stoney Point George Fields E EBF#C#
Sweet Silas Charles Stripling F GDAE
Take Me Back To Tulsa Ralph Whited G GDAE
Tennessee Wagoner Monte Sano Crowder D GDAE
The Girl Slipped Down D. Dix Hollis G GDAE
Third Party James Bryan G GDAE
Turkey Foot Ralph Whited D GDAE
Turkey In The Straw Paisley Hagood A AEAE
Tuscaloosa Waltz James Bryan C GDAE
Twinkle Little Star Monte Sano Crowder A GDAE
Unnamed Paisley Hagood Tune 1 Paisley Hagood G GDAE
Unnamed Paisley Hagood Tune 2 Paisley Hagood G GDAE
Wang Wang Blues Lee Stripling C GDAE
Whiskers Charles Stripling C GDAE
Willow Creek Ralph Whited D GDAE
Wilson Butram's Tune Ralph Whited G GDAE
Wolves A Howling Charles Stripling A AEAE

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