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Old Time Fiddling From The State Of Arizona

Tune View
Title Artist Key Tuning
Birds In The Brook K.C. Kartchner F GDAE
Black Hills Waltz K.C. Kartchner A AEAE
Blacksmiths Quadrille Viola Ruth D GDAE
Bob Tailed Mule K.C. Kartchner A AEAE
Bony Smith's Quadrille Viola Ruth C GDAE
Cacklin' Hen K.C. Kartchner G GDAE
Dream Of Heaven K.C. Kartchner F GDAE
Lost Goose Waltz K.C. Kartchner G GDAE
Old Waltz In C K.C. Kartchner C GDAE
Pinedale Waltz K.C. Kartchner D GDAE
Pioneer March Medley Viola Ruth G GDAE
Ragtime Annie Carl Griswold D GDAE
Rattlesnake K.C. Kartchner A AEAE
Sweets O' Weaver K.C. Kartchner D GDAE
Tom Wagner K.C. Kartchner C GDAE
Walk Along John To Kansas K.C. Kartchner A AEAE

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