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Old Time Fiddling From The State Of Arkansas

"Despite the long lines of fiddling tradition, and the hundreds of fiddlers from Arkansas, very little has been done to archive and catalogue who they were, what they played, and how. Many names have faded from history, many recordings lost, along with many of their tunes. This page serves to preserve the relative few, and their music; serving as a dedication to all the Arkansas old-time fiddlers."         Martin-Darrell


I want to thank Roy Pilgrim for giving me the idea for this page and Martin-Darrell for helping me get it started.       Larry Warren



Tune View
Title Artist Key Tuning
2020 Red Gillihan 15 Red Gillihan G GDAE
2020 Red Gillihan 36 Red Gillihan G GDAE
2020 Red Gillihan 47 Red Gillihan Bb GDAE
A & E Waltz Cecil Snow A & E GDAE
Aint She Sweet Bob Larkan Bb GDAE
Alabama Girls Seth Mize G GDAE
Alabama Girls Absie Morrison G GDAE
Angeline The Baker Tilman Pyeatt A GDAE
Arkansas Fiddler Tilman Pyeatt G GDAE
Arkansas Hotel George Edgin D GDAE
Arkansas Pullet Ike & Ira Reaves G GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Gene England and Paulette Reves A AEAE
Arkansas Traveler Matt Darnell D GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Mulkey Kent D GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Cecil Snow D GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Lon Jordan D GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Buddy Lancaster D GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Jimmy Driftwood D ADAE
Arkansas Wagoneer Ike & Ira Reaves C GDAE
Arkansas Waltz Bob Larkan D GDAE
Aunt Clara's Waltz Ted Sharp G GDAE
Baby With Black Face And Shiny Eyes Seth Mize G GDAE
Back Up And Push Cotton Combs C GDAE
Bailey Waltz Frank Gardner D GDAE
Baker No. 2 Lon Jordan C GDAE
Bath House Blues Anson Fuller C GDAE
Bay Rooster Jesse Wallace G GDAE
Bear Creek Hop Gene England and Paulette Reves A AEAE
Beaumont Rag Cotton Combs F GDAE
Beautiful Belle Bob Larkan Bb GDAE
Big Sandy Cotton Combs A GDAE
Big Sandy River Ulys Pilcher A GDAE
Big Sweet Tater in the Sandy Land Lon Jordan A AEAE
Big Taters In The Sandy Land Stan Jackson G GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground Lon Jordan C GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground Seth Mize C GDAE
Birmingham John Chism A AEAE
Black Hawk Waltz Red Gillihan G GDAE
Black Jack Davy Seth Mize G GDAE
Black Mountain Breakdown Oscar Sherwood Scholes A AEAC#
Black Mountain Rag Cecil Snow A AEAC#
Blackberry Blossom Gene England & Paulette Reves G GDAE
Blackberry Blossom Jesse Wallace G GDAE
Bodard Waltz Oscar Sherwood Scholes D GDAE
Bonaparte Crossing The Alps Clyde Blair G GDAE
Bonaparte's Charge Absie Morrison D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Cecil Snow D GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Sam Younger D GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Absie Morrison D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Jesse Wallace D GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Lon Jordan D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat, Old Clyde Blair G GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat, Old Oscar Sherwood Scholes D DDAD
Bostony Billy Mathews G GDAE
British March Absie Morrison G GDAE
Broken Legged Chicken Jim "Skeeter" Walden C FCGD
Buck Snort Lon Jordan G GDAE
Buffalo Gals Lon Jordan G GDAE
Buffalo Nickle Violet Hensley D GDAE
Bull Durham Cotton Combs A GDAE
Bunker Hill Gertie Morrison Branscum A AEAE
Bunker Hill Buddy Lancaster A GDAE
Cacklin' Hen Eugene Dodd G GDAE
Campbells Are Coming Lon Jordan G GDAE
Carolina Rattlesnake Lon Jordan A AEAE
Carroll County Blues Cotton Combs G GDAE
Carroll County Blues George T. Jones G GDAE
Casey Jones Jesse Wallace
Cheat Mountain Cecil Snow D GDAE
Chinese Breakdown George T. Jones
Chinese Breakdown Jesse Wallace
Cindy Blair Family G GDAE
Cindy Violet Hensley D GDAE
Cluck Ol' Hen Earl Blair
Comin Down From Denver Jesse Wallace A GDAE
Coming Through the Rye Lon Jordan G GDAE
Comstock Schottische Lon Jordan C GDAE
Concord March Absie Morrison C GDAE
Corn Dodger Special #1 George Edgin G GDAE
Cornwallis's Surrender Absie Morrison G GDAE
Cottage Hornpipe Absie Morrison D GDAE
Cotton Eye Joe Sam Younger D ADAE
Cotton Eyed Joe Seth Mize G GDAE
Cotton Eyed Joe John Chism G GDAD
Cowboy Waltz Tilman Pyeatt G GDAE
Crazy Horse Faye Green
Cripple Creek Arkansaw Travelers G GDAE
Cripple Creek Eugene Dodd A GDAE
Crippled Turkey Absie Morrison G GDAE
Dago March Lon Finley
Devil's Dream Lon Jordan A GDAE
Devil's Reel Lon Jordan A GDAE
Devils Dream Cotton Combs A GDAE
Double Eagle Matt Darnell
Down In Arkansas Ike & Ira Reaves C GDAE
Down Yonder Violet Hensley G GDAE
Dragging The Bow Cotton Combs A GDAE
Drunkard's Hiccoughs Ike & Ira Reaves A AEAC#
Drunkard's Hiccups Cecil Snow A AEAC#
Dry & Dusty Abbie & Apsie Morrison D DDAD
Dry and Dusty Lon Jordan A AEAE
Durang's Hornpipe Lon Jordan D GDAE
Durang's Hornpipe Gene England and Paulette Reves D GDAE
Durang's Hornpipe Willie Morrison D GDAE
Durang's Hornpipe Gene England D ADAE
Durang's Hornpipe Willie & David Fate Morrison D GDAE
Dutch Hop Lon Jordan D & G GDAE
Eighth Day of January Lon Jordan D GDAE
Eighth Of January Mulkey Kent D GDAE
Eighth Of January Willie & David Fate Morrison D GDAE
Eighth Of January Violet Hensley D GDAE
Eighth Of January Seth Mize G GDAE
Eighth Of January Cyrus Futrell D GDAE
Eighth Of January Gene England and Paulette Reves A AEAC#
Eighth Of January Willie Morrison D GDAE
Faded Love Violet Hensley D GDAE
Farewell Waltz Red Gillihan C & F GDAE
Fever River Lon Jordan G GDAE
Fiddler's Dram Absie Morrison G GDGD
Fiddler's Dream Red Gillihan G & D GDAE
Fire On The Mountain George T. Jones
Fire On The Mountain Jim "Skeeter" Walden G FCGD
Fisher's Hornpipe Mulkey Kent D GDAE
Flying Engine Ike & Ira Reaves A GDAE
Fog On The Mountain Otis Johnson
Forked Deer River Mulkey Kent D GDAE
Fort Gibson Oscar Sherwood Scholes C GDAE
Fort Smith Cotton Combs G GDAE
Fort Smith Breakdown Luke Hignight G GDAE
Fort Worth Lon Jordan A GDAE
Forty Years Ago Waltz Cecil Snow
George Booker Lon Jordan A AEAE
George Washington John Chism A AEAE
George Washington Lon Jordan G GDAE
Get Along Home Miss Cindy John Chism G GDAE
Goin' On Up To Town Ted Sharp G GDAE
Going Down The River Brain Lackey E GDAE
Going Down To Leven Point To Get A Load Of Corn Mulkey Kent
Going Up Brushy Fork Violet Hensley A GDAE
Going Up On The Mountain Lon Jordan A AEAE
Gold Rush Seth Mize
Gold Rush Cecil Snow
Golden Slippers Violet Hensley G GDAE
Goodbye Waltz Jesse Wallace
Goodnight Waltz Cecil Snow C & F GDAE
Goodnight Waltz Lon Jordan C & F GDAE
Granny Will Your Dog Bite Lon Jordan A AEAE
Greek Music Absie Morrison C GDAE
Green Corn Lon Jordan C GDAE
Green Valley Waltz George Edgin G GDAE
Green Valley Waltz Arlin Hughes G GDAE
Green Valley Waltz Violet Hensley G GDAE
Green Valley Waltz Cecil Snow D GDAE
Haste To The Wedding Lon Jordan D GDAE
Heath Waltz Violet Hensley G GDAE
Hell Among The Yearlings Seth Mize G GDAE
Helter Skelter Lon Jordan G GDAE
Hesitation Blues Ike & Ira Reaves G GDAE
Hey Betty Martin Absie Morrison G GDAE
Higher Up The Monkey Climbs Bob Larkan Bb GDAE
Hog Eye John Chism A Modal AEAE
Honolulu Cakewalk Hawk Hubbard C, G & F GDAE
Hump Back Mule Cotton Combs G GDAE
Hump Back Mule Arlin Hughes D GDAE
Hump Back Sam Tilman Pyeatt
I Don't Love Nobody Cotton Combs C GDAE
I Hung My Jawbone Lon Jordan A AEAE
I Love Somebody Cyrus Futrell D GDAE
I Met Her On the Hillside Lon Jordan D GDAE
I'll Be All Smiles Tonight Cecil Snow
I'll Be Somewhere Listening Blair Family F GDAE
I'm Gonna Go A-Hunting For The Buffalo Jimmy Driftwood E Minor BGEB
In The Garden Where The Irish Potatoes Grow Brian Lackey
Indian Creek Merle Reves G GDAE
Indian Whoop Lon Jordan A AEAE
Irish Washerwoman Lon Jordan G GDAE
Irish Washerwoman Absie Morrison G GDAE
Jackson Walking to the White House Lon Jordan G GDAE
Jaw Bone John Chism A Modal AEAE
Jericho Violet Hensley A AEAC#
Jesse James Cecil Snow
Jimmy Crack Corn Cy Futrell
Josh Fine Waltz Lon Jordan A AEAE
Judge Parker Jesse Wallace G GDAE
Jump Up Kitty Puss Fate Morrison
Just Gimme The Leavings Brain Lackey
Kansas City Reel Bob Larkan A AEAE
Leather Britches Cotton Combs G GDAE
Leather Britches Lon Jordan G GDAE
Lee's Retreat From Gettysburg Absie Morrison G GDAE
Little Brown Jug Lon Jordan C GDAE
Little Home In West Virginia Jesse Wallace G GDAE
Little Nellie's Waltz Bob Larkan G GDAE
Lord Cornwallis' March Absie Morrison G GDAE
Lost Girl In Pine Hills Mulkey Kent A AEAE
Lost Indian Seth Mize G GDAE
Lost Indian Cecil Snow
Maggie Cotton Combs G GDAE
Marching Through Georgia Absie Morrison D GDAE
Marmaduke Hornpipe Charlie Richardson D GDAE
Mason's March Sam Younger G GDAE
Mason's March Oscar Sherwood Scholes G GDAE
Mate To The Hog Waltz Violet Hensley G GDAE
Mayflower Absie Morrison G GDAE
McLeod's Reel Bob Larkan G GDAE
Me And My Fiddle Cotton Combs G & D GDAE
Mike and Charley Lon Jordan D GDAE
Mississippi Sawyer Jim "Skeeter" Walden C GCGD
Mississippi Sawyer Buddy Lancaster D GDAE
Mississippi Sawyer Willie & David Fate Morrison D GDAE
Molly Hare Lon Jordan G GDAE
Montana Waltz Cecil Snow A GDAE
Morning Glory Waltz Red Gillihan D GDAE
Morris Hornpipe Jesse Wallace C GDAE
My Ozark Mountain Home George Edgin's Corn Dodgers
My Pretty Little Girl's Gone Absie Morrison G GDAE
Nancy's Got a Pretty Dress On Absie Morrison G GDAE
Natchez Absie Morrison G GDAE
Natchez Under The Hill Lon Jordan A AEAE
Natchez Under The Hill Mulkey Kent A AEAE
Natchez Under The Hill Jim "Skeeter" Walden F FCGD
Nellie Gray Violet Hensley G GDAE
New House Stan Jackson G GDAE
Newton County Tilman Pyeatt
Nubbin Jesse Wallace C GDAE
Oklahoma Charlie Red Gillihan D GDAE
Old C Waltz Cecil Snow C GDAE
Old Grey Eagle Cecil Snow A GDAE
Old Grey Horse Ted Sharp A GDAE
Old Joe Clark Lon Jordan G GDAE
Old Joe Clark Cotton Combs A GDAE
Old Joe Clark Jesse Wallace A GDAE
Old Joe Clark Mulkey Kent A AEAE
Old Joe Clark Matt Darnell A GDAE
Old Joe Clark Violet Hensley A GDAE
Old Joe Clark Seth Mize A GDAE
Old Joe Redbird Jesse Wallace G GDAE
Old Leather Bonnet With A Hole In The Crown Jesse Wallace G GDAE
Old Miss Coleman Martin-Darrell G Modal GCGD
Old Quickstep Lon Jordan G GDAE
Old Schottische Cecil Snow D GDAE
On the Banks of the Old Tennessee Lon Jordan C GDAE
On The Rock Jesse Wallace A GDAE
Over The Waves Cecil Snow G GDAE
Ozark Moon Cecil Snow D GDAE
Ozark Mountain Rag Seth Mize G GDAE
Ozark Waltz Absie Morrison F GDAE
Paddy Won't You Drink Some Cider Violet Hensley D GDAE
Pallet On The Floor Cecil Snow G GDAE
Peek A Boo Waltz Violet Hensley D GDAE
Peek-a-Boo Waltz Blair Family D GDAE
Peekaboo Waltz Mulkey Kent D GDAE
Pikes Peak Ted Sharp C GDAE
Poor Babes in the Woods Lon Jordan D GDAE
Pop Goes the Weasel Lon Jordan G GDAE
Pope's Waltz Ike & Ira Reaves A GDAE
Prairie County Waltz Bob Larkan C GDAE
Prettiest Girl In Town Absie Morrison C GDAE
Pretty Little Girl I Left Behind Me Lon Jordan G GDAE
Pretty Little Girl With A Blue Dress On Stan Jackson G GDAE
Put Your Little Foot Right There Lon Jordan A GDAE
Radell Clog (An Old Time Clog) Lon Jordan G GDAE
Ragtime Annie Willie Morrison D GDAE
Ragtime Annie Violet Hensley D GDAE
Ranger's Waltz Cecil Snow D & G GDAE
Rattler Treed A Possum Ike & Ira Reaves D GDAE
Razorback Waltz Cotton Combs C GDAE
Reaves Waltz Ike & Ira Reaves C GDAE
Red Bird Waltz Cecil Snow
Red Fox Waltz Cecil Snow
Red Wing Cotton Combs G GDAE
Rickett's Hornpipe Absie Morrison G GDAE
Ricketts Hornpipe Lon Jordan D GDAE
Robinson County Ted Sharp D GDAE
Robinson County L.O. Birkhead & R.M. Lane D GDAE
Rock My Baby To Sleep Absie Morrison G GDAE
Rose Nell Violet Hensley G GDAE
Rubber Dollie Cotton Combs A GDAE
Rugged Cross Cotton Combs D GDAE
Run Boy Run Lon Jordan G GDAE
Run, Little Lula, Run Oscar Sherwood Scholes
Rye Straw Lon Jordan D GDAE
Rye Whiskey Lon Jordan A AEAC#
Saddle Old Spike Lon Jordan A AEAE
Saddle Old Spike Jesse Wallace A GDAE
Sailing On The Ocean Frank Gardner D GDAE
Sally Ann Violet Hensley G GDAE
Sally Gooden Violet Hensley A AEAC#
Sally Goodin Lon Jordan A AEAE
Sally Goodin Mulkey Kent A AEAE
Sally Goodin Seth Mize
Sally Johnson Absie Morrison G GDAE
Sally Johnson Lon Jordan G GDAE
Sally Won't You Have Me Lon Jordan D GDAE
Sam Moore Waltz Violet Hensley G GDAE
Sam Taylor's Tune Stan Jackson G GDAE
San Antonio Rose Cotton Combs D GDAE
San Antonio Rose Violet Hensley D GDAE
Saturday Night Waltz Bob Larkan A GDAE
Schottische Glenn Morrison G GDAE
Scotch Musick Absie Morrison G GDAE
Scott No. 2 Lon Jordan A AEAE
Searcy County Rag Anson Fuller C GDAE
She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain Violet Hensley A GDAE
Sheeps And Goats Go To Pasture Absie Morrison G GDAE
Shortnin' Bread Ike & Ira Reaves D GDAE
Silver Bells Cecil Snow G GDAE
Silver Bells Cotton Combs D GDAE
Silver Nail Bob Larkan G GDAE
Snow On The Mountain Seth Mize
Soldier's Joy Lon Jordan D GDAE
Soldier's Joy Violet Hensley D GDAE
Soldier's Joy Jim "Skeeter" Walden C GCGD
Soldier's Joy Asburn Avey D GDAE
Soldier's Joy Absie Morrison D GDAE
Soldiers Joy Gertie Morrison Branscum D GDAE
Soldiers Joy George T. Jones
Spanish Two Step Clyde Blair Bb GDAE
Spanish Two Step Cecil Snow A & D GDAE
Strawberry Blues Ike & Ira Reaves Bb GDAE
Sugar Betty Ann Lon Jordan A AEAC#
Sugar Hill Eugene Dodd D GDAE
Sugar In My Coffee Jesse Wallace G GDAE
Sunflower Hornpipe Jesse Wallace
Sweet Bunch of Daisies Cotton Combs G GDAE
Sweetest Flower Waltz Ashley's Melody Men C GDAE
Take Me Back to Texas Lon Jordan G GDAE
Take Me Back To Tulsa Violet Hensley A GDAE
Take Your Foot Out of the Mud Sal Lon Jordan A AEAE
Ten Cent Piece Ike & Ira Reaves C GDAE
Tennessee Wagoner Seth Mize
Tennessee Waltz Cecil Snow D GDAE
Tennessee Waltz Cotton Combs C GDAE
Texas Starvation Oscar Sherwood Scholes A AEAC#
The Bluebird Waltz Lon Jordan D GDAE
The Last Serenade Lon Jordan Bb GDAE
There's No Hell In Georgia Frank Gardner D GDAE
Tom & Jerry Lon Jordan A AEAE
Tom & Jerry Roger Fountain A GDAE
Tomahawk Frank Muns
Train Whistle Blues Violet Hensley A GDAE
Tulsa Waltz Lon Jordan C GDAE
Turkey In The Straw Lon Jordan Bb GDAE
Turkey In The Straw Seth Mize G GDAE
Turn Down The Cover Lon Jordan G GDAE
Twinkle Little Star Cotton Combs G GDAE
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Leslie Band - Gene England and Paulette Reves on fiddle
Uncle Henry Violet Hensley D DDAD
Uncle Joe Lon Jordan G GDAE
Under The Double Eagle Bob Larkan C GDAE
Unknown Oscar Sherwood Scholes
Valley Forge Jimmy Driftwood A Modal AEAE
Virginia March Absie Morrison G GDAE
Waggoner Jesse Wallace C GDAE
Wagner Lon Jordan C GDAE
Wagoner Sam Younger C GDAE
Wake Up Jacob And Lets Go A Hunting Lon Jordan E Minor & G GDAE
Wake Up Susan Eulis Rorie
Walk Along John Luke Hignight G GDAE
Walk Along John Absie Morrison G GDAE
Walk Along John Lon Jordan G GDAE
Walk Along John Oscar Sherwood Scholes
Walkin' In My Sleep Jesse Wallace
Waltz in C Lon Jordan C GDAE
Waltz Of The Violets Violet Hensley D GDAE
Wang Wang Blues Violet Hensley C GDAE
Warsaw 42nd Jimmy Driftwood D DDAD
Wednesday Night Waltz Cotton Combs G GDAE
Wednesday Night Waltz Willie & David Fate Morrison D GDAE
Weeping Hearts Cecil Snow D GDAE
Westphalia Waltz Cotton Combs G GDAE
What Makes a Man Like Taters So Lon Jordan G GDAE
When the Bluebirds Nestle in the Springtime Lon Jordan G GDAE
Where's My Other Foot Ted Sharp G GDAE
Whiskers Jesse Wallace C GDAE
Whiskey Before Breakfast Jesse Wallace
White River Bend Jimmy Driftwood A AEAE
Whoa Mule Fate Morrison D GDAE
Wildcat Waltz Cecil Snow G GDAE
Will Packett's Hornpipe Oscar Sherwood Scholes D GDAE
Women Wear No Clothes At All Bob Larkan Bb GDAE
Woody's Hornpipe James Skeeter Walden G GDAE

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