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Old Time Fiddling From The State Of Illinois

Tune View
Title Artist Key Tuning
Abbott's Quadrille Chirps Smith Bb GDAE
Backwoods Stomp Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A GDAE
Bean Walker's Mile Charlie Fulk C GDAE
Bear Pen Hollow Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Bell Cow Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A GDAE
Best Timber Harry Jones Dm GDAE
Big Fat Girls Harvey "Pappy" Taylor D ADAE
Billy In The Low Ground Stella Elam C GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground Harvey "Pappy" Taylor D ADAE
Blackberry Blossom Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Blazing Star Schottische Chirps Smith C GDAE
Blue Rose Waltz Shorty Terrell C GDAE
Boatman Garry Harrison D ADAE
Boatsman Harvey "Pappy" Taylor D ADAE
Bonaparte's March Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A GDAE
Bone Yard Garry Harrison C GDAE
Boys Them Buzzards Are Flying Garry Harrison A AEAE
Brownies Reel Garry Harrison D ADAE
Buffalo Gals Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A GDAE
Buffalo Nickel Stella Elam D GDAE
Bushton Garry Harrison A AEAE
California Waltz Chirps Smith C GDAE
Casey's Hornpipe Garry Harrison Bb GDAE
Charlie's A Fine Old Man Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A Modal GDAE
Chicken Reel Stella Elam C GDAE
Coach Whip Stella Elam D & G & A GDAE
College Hornpipe Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A GDAE
Cotton Eyed Joe Noah Beavers A AEAC#
Crazy Pokey G GDAE
Cripple Creek Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A GDAE
Crooked Road Stella Elam D GDAE
Crow Creek Stella Elam D GDAE
Cumberland Gap Garry Harrison G GDAE
Devil In The Haystack Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A Modal GDAE
Doc Corn's Tune John Ray "Doc" Corn G GDAE
Don't Spook the Herd Garry Harrison G GDAE
Down in Little Egypt Chirps Smith C GDAE
Down The Line Harvey "Pappy" Taylor D GDAE
Durang's Hornpipe Garry Harrison D ADAE
Durang's Hornpipe Stella Elam D GDAE
Dying Cowboy, The Harvey "Pappy" Taylor D GDAE
Five Finger Joe Garry Harrison D ADAE
Flowers Of Edinburgh Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Forty Miles From Georgetown Without Any Whiskey Garry Harrison C GDAE
Gingham Waltz Jim Newton C GDAE
Golden Grip Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Harrison's Folly Garry Harrison D ADAE
I Do Like Liquor, I Will Take A Dram Garry Harrison G GDAE
Indian Ate A Woodchuck Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A GDAE
Indian Naponee Stella Elam C GDAE
Jaybird Stella Elam G GDAE
Joe Wingerter's Tune Garry Harrison D ADAE
Jump In The Well Pretty Little Miss Garry Harrison A AEAE
Kawliga Harvey "Pappy" Taylor E GDAE
Late For The Dance Garry Harrison A AEAE
Limburger Cheese Chirps Smith C GDAE
Lone Star Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A GDAE
Lovers First Quarrel Harry Elie F GDAE
Mack's Hornpipe Garry Harrison Bb GDAE
Makin' Hay Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Mississippi Sawyer Stella Elam D GDAE
Neighbor Up the Road Cliff Pulliam C GDAE
None Of Your Business Garry Harrison C GDAE
Ol' Bob Garry Harrison A AEAE
Ol' Woodard Garry Harrison G GDAE
Old Mose Howard Sims C GDAE
Old Mother Flanigan Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A Modal GDAE
Old Mother Logo Garry Harrison A GDAE
Old Plantation Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Old Rattler Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Old Twenty Two Chirps Smith C GDAE
Oscar Bettis John Graham C GDAE
Over The Garden Wall Harvey "Pappy" Taylor D GDAE
Paddy On The Turnpike Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Paddy Won't You Drink Some Good Old Cider Garry Harrison D ADAE
Pappy Taylor's Tune Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A GDAE
Polecat Creek Bend Chirps Smith C GDAE
Pond Creek Bottom Otis Reynolds C GDAE
Possum Up A Gum Stump Harvey "Pappy" Taylor D GDAE
Possum Up A Gum Stump Garry Harrison D ADAE
Prairie du Rocher Motion Garry Harrison D & A GDAE
Pretty Little Girl Garry Harrison A AEAE
Red Apple Rag Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Road To Westfield Garry Harrison A AEAE
Rollin' River Garry Harrison D ADAE
Rollin' The Logs Garry Harrison D ADAE
Rosin The Bow Harvey "Pappy" Taylor D GDAE
Round Up The Yearlings Harvey "Pappy" Taylor D GDAE
Run Down Boot Pete Priest D GDAE
Rush And The Pepper Garry Harrison D ADAE
Safe Harbor Rag Chirps Smith F GDAE
Sailor Springs Charlie Fulk C GDAE
Saint Patrick's Day In The Morning Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Salem Hornpipe Garry Harrison D ADAE
Sandy River Belle Chirps Smith C GDAE
Scotland Yard Garry Harrison A AEAE
Sorrell Mountain Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Stonewall Jackson Garry Harrison G GDAE
Stony Point Stella Elam G GDAE
Straw Bonnet Harvey "Pappy" Taylor D GDAE
Sugarfoot Garry Harrison G GDAE
Sugarfoot Rag Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A GDAE
Ten Cents Garry Harrison G GDAE
Ten Strike Chirps Smith C GDAE
Town Hall Jig Garry Harrison C GDAE
Tragic Romance Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Turkey In The Straw Harvey "Pappy" Taylor A GDAE
Turkey Roost Everett Fulk C GDAE
Unnamed Tune In G Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Waggoner Stella Elam C GDAE
Walk Old Shoe, Heel A Draggin' Garry Harrison D ADAE
Wednesday Night Waltz Garry Harrison D ADAE
West Virginia Polka Harvey "Pappy" Taylor C GDAE
White's Polka Harvey "Pappy" Taylor C GDAE
Why Do A Preacher Like Chicken So Garry Harrison C GDAE
Why Don't You Shovel Like I Used To Garry Harrison C GDAE
Winter Night Waltz Everett Fulk C GDAE
Wolf Creek Harvey "Pappy" Taylor G GDAE
Woodchopper's Reel Garry Harrison D ADAE
Yell In The Shoats Garry Harrison D DDAD

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