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Old Time Fiddling From The State Of North Carolina

Title Artist Key Tuning
A Rose For Polly Tommy Hunter G Modal GDAE
Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow Earnest East D ADAE
All Go Hungry Hash House Kirk Sutphin G GDAE
Amazing Grace Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
Arkansas Traveler Marion Reece D ADAE
Arkansas Traveler Archie Callahan D GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Arkansas Traveler Art Wooten D GDAE
As Time Draws Near Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Back Step Cindy Fred Cockerham
Back Step Cindy Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Back Step Cindy (Old Way) Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Band Intro Benton Flippen
Band Intro Kirk Sutphin
Barnyard Frolic Steve Ledford G GDAE
Benton's Dream Benton Flippen A AEAE
Big Eyed Rabbit Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Big Foot Osey Helton G GDAE
Bile Them Cabbage Down Tiny Pruitt A GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground Tommy Malbeouf C GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground Esker Hutchins C GDAE
Black Eyed Susan Robert Sykes A AEAE
Black Eyed Susie Oscar Jenkins D ADAE
Blackberry Rag Manco Sneed C GDAE
Blackberry Rag Doc Watson C GDAE
Boatman Tune, The Lauchlin Shaw D GDAE
Boatsman Marcus Martin D DDAD
Boil Them Cabbage Down Benton Flippen A AEAE
Boll Weevil Tommy Jarrell D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Gaither Carlton D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat J.D. Harris & Osey Helton D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Bill Hensley D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Marcus Martin D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Tommy Jarrell D DDAD
Boogerman Bill Hensley G GDAE
Booth Marcus Martin A AEAE
Bounce Around Abner King G GDAE
Breaking Up Christmas Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Breaking Up Christmas Benton Flippen A AEAE
Brown Eyes Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
Brown Low's Mule Steve Ledford G GDAE
Bucking Mule J.D. Harris G GDAE
Burke County Bill Hensley A AEAE
Cacklin' Hen Shorty Joe George A GDAE
Calico Marcus Martin A AEAC#
Chilly Winds Kirk Sutphin A AEAE
Chilly Winds Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Chinese Breakdown Earnest East D ADAE
Chinese Breakdown Steve Ledford C GDAE
Chinese Breakdown Fred Roe D GDAE
Cider Mill Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Citigo Marcus Martin G GDAD
Close By Benton Flippen A AEAE
Cluck Old Hen Tommy Jarrell A Modal AEAE
Cotton Eyed Joe Benton Flippen A & E AEAE
Cotton Eyed Joe Marcus Martin A Modal AEAE
Cotton Eyed Joe Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Cousin Sally Brown Gaither Carlton D GDAE
Cousin Sally Brown Marcus Martin A Minor GDAE
Cricket On The Hearth Benton Flippen D GDAE
Cripple Creek Bill Hensley A AEAE
Cripple Creek Marcus Martin A AEAE
Cripple Creek Marion Reece A AEAE
Cripple Creek Tommy Jarrell D
Cumberland Gap Esker Hutchins D GDAD
Cumberland Gap Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Cumberland Gap Fred Cockerham
Cumberland Gap Marion Reece G GDAE
Cumberland Gap Steve Ledford G GDAE
Dan Carter Waltz Kirk Sutphin G & D GDAE
Darker The Night The Better I See Manco Sneed C GDAE
Deford Bailey Blues Fred Cockerham
Devil In The Strawstack Tommy Jarrell A Modal GDAE
Dog Joke Benton Flippen
Double File Gaither Carlton A GDAE
Double File Gaither Carlton A AEAE
Down The Road Marion Reece A AEAE
Drunken Hiccups Tommy Jarrell A AEAC#
Duck's Eyeball Lauchlin Shaw G GDAE
Durang's Hornpipe Archie Callahan G GDAE
Ebenezer Rafe Brady F GDAE
Faded Love Benton Flippen D GDAE
Fall On My Knees Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Fiddler's Reel Benton Flippen D GDAE
Fire On The Mountain Marcus Martin A Modal AEAE
Flatwoods Tommy Jarrell G GDAD
Flight Of The Wild Geese Byard Ray C GDAE
Flop Eared Mule Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
Flop Eared Mule Kirk Sutphin G & D GDAE
Florida Blues Benton Flippen D GDAE
Forks Of Sandy Manco Sneed G GDAE
Fortune Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Fortune Benton Flippen D GDAE
Georgia Belle Osey Helton G Minor GDAE
Georgia Belle Bill Hensley G GDAE
Georgia Horseshoe Bill Hensley A Modal AEAE
Georgie Gaither Carlton D GDAE
Going Home Earnest East A AEAE
Goodbye Girls Manco Sneed A Modal GDAE
Greasy String Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Green Fields Of America Lonnie Corsbie G GDAE
Green River Osey Helton G GDAE
Green River Marcus Martin G GDAE
Grey Eagle Manco Sneed C GDAE
Grey Eagle Roland Cauley C GDAE
Grey Eagle Marcus Martin C GDAE
Grey Eagle J.D. Harris C GDAE
Grey Eagle Bill Hensley C GDAE
Ground Hog Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Ground Hog Marion Reece G GDAE
Groundhog Fred Roe A GDAE
Happy Hollow Marcus Martin A AEAC#
He Rambled Lonnie Austin G GDAE
High On A Mountain Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
Hiram's Hornpipe Tommy Hunter D & A GDAE
Home Sweet Home Benton Flippen A AEAE
Hopping John Bill Hensley D GDAE
I Am The Man Thomas Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
I Believe In The Old Time Way Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
I Got A Home In the Beulah Land Steve Ledford G GDAE
I Haven't Seen Mary In Years Benton Flippen D GDAE
I've Endured Ola Belle Reed
Ida Red Bill Hensley A AEAE
If I Had The Wings Of An Eagle Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
If I Lose Kirk Sutphin D GDAE
Irish Washerwoman Joe Talbert G GDAE
Jenny Run Away In The Mud In The Night Marcus Martin A AEAE
Jimmy Sutton Marion Reece A AEAE
John Brown's Dream Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
John Brown's Dream Kyle Creed A AEAE
John Brown's Dream Benton Flippen A AEAE
John Brown's Dream Kyle Creed & Fred Cockerham A AEAE
John Brown's March Harlan Coble G GDAE
John Henry Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Johnson Boys Benton Flippen D GDAE
Johnson City Hop Steve Ledford G GDAE
June Apple Fred Cockerham
June Apple Benton Flippen A AEAE
June Apple Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
June Apple Richard Blaustein A GDAE
Katy Hill Marcus Martin G GDAE
Katy Hill Benton Flippen G GDAE
Kiss Me Sweet Marcus Martin C GDAE
Kitchen Girl Alan Jabbour A Modal GDAE
Lady Hamilton Marcus Martin G Modal GDAE
Lady Of The Lake Benton Flippen D GDAE
Last Gold Dollar Bill Hensley D ADAD
Lee County Blues Fred Cockerham C GDAE
Let Me Fall Fred Cockerham
Let Me Fall Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Let Me Into Your Heart Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
Liberty Marcus Martin D GDAE
Little Satchel Fred Cockerham
Liza Jane Marion Reece G GDAE
Liza Jane Romie Aiken D GDAE
Lone Pilgrim, The Gaither Carlton A AEAE
Lonesome Road Blues Earnest East D ADAE
Lonesome Road Blues Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Lost Girl Marion Reece G GDAE
Lost Indian Benton Flippen A AEAE
Magpie Harlan Coble G GDAE
Maid Of Monterey Marcus Martin G GDAE
Merry Girl Ben Jarrell D ADAE
Milwaukee Blues Kirk Sutphin C GDAE
Milwaukee Blues Odell Smith C GDAE
Mississippi Sawyer J.E. Mainer D GDAE
Muddy Roads Gaither Carlton D GDAE
Muskrat Gaither Carlton D ADAE
Newport Breakdown Manco Sneed G GDAE
Ninety Nine Years Steve Ledford G GDAE
Nubbin Ridge Marcus Martin G GDAE
Old Bunch of Keys Tommy Jarrell A Modal AEAE
Old Granny Rattletrap Bill Hensley A Modal AEAE
Old Joe Clark Benton Flippen A GDAE
Old Joe Clark Bill Hensley G GDAE
Old Joe Clark Marion Reece A AEAE
Old Molly Hare Earnest East D ADAE
Old Richmond A.L. Hall D GDAE
Old Time Religion Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
One More Hill Earnest East D ADAE
Original Grey Eagle Marcus Martin A AEF#C#
Osey Helton Schottische Osey Helton G GDAE
Paddy On The Turnpike Manco Sneed G Modal GDAE
Paddy On The Turnpike Ralph Pennington G Modal GDAE
Peter Francisco Malcolm Owen and Bill Hicks D GDAE
Polecat Blues Benton Flippen D GDAE
Policeman Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Polly Put The Kettle On Marcus Martin G Modal GDAE
Polly Put The Kettle On Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Polly Put The Kettle On Byard Ray G Modal GDAE
Polly Put The Kettle On Manco Sneed G Modal GDAE
Polly Put The Kettle On Benton Flippen D GDAE
Pretty Little Girl Fred Cockerham A AEAE
Puncheon Floor Esker Hutchins G GDAE
Ragtime Annie Earnest East D ADAE
Raleigh & Spencer Tommy Jarrell D DDAD
Red Bird Benton Flippen A AEAE
Reuben's Train Ole Belle Reed
Reuben's Train Steve Ledford A AEAE
Richmond Gabe Nowlin
Richmond Kirk Sutphin D & A GDAE
Richmond Cotillion Ben Jarrell D & A GDAE
River Stay Away From My Door Charlie Knight G GDAE
Robert's Serenade Robert Sykes A Modal AEAE
Rochester Schottische Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Rockingham Cindy Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Rocky Mountain Marcus Martin D GDAE
Rocky Palace Manco Snead C GDAE
Rocky Road To Dublin Bill Hensley A Modal GDAE
Rose Division John Lewis C GDAE
Roustabout Gaither Carlton G GDAE
Roving Cowboy Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Ruben Benton Flippen D GDAE
Rye Straw Tommy Jarrell A Modal ADAE
Sail Away Ladies Tommy Jarrell E Modal GDAE
Sally Ann Joe Birchfield C GDAE
Sally Ann Benton Flippen D GDAE
Sally Ann Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Sally Goodin Marcus Martin A AEAE
Sally Goodin J.E. Mainer A AEAE
Sally Goodin Benton Flippen A AEAE
Sally Goodin Marion Reece A AEAE
Sally In The Turnip Patch Benton Flippen D GDAE
San Antonio Rose Fred Cockerham C GDAE
Sandy River Osey Helton A AEAE
Sandy River Marcus Martin A AEAC#
Sandy River Belle Kirk Sutphin G GDAE
Schottische Marcus Martin C GDAE
Scolding Wife Marion Reece A AEAC#
Scott Number Two Bill Hensley G GDAE
Seven And A Half J.E. Mainer A AEAE
Sheep's In The Meadow Gaither Carlton G GDAE
Shortnin' Bread Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Shortnin' Bread Ole Belle Reed
Shove That Pig's Foot A Little Further Into The Fire Marcus Martin A AEAE
Sin City Earnest East A AEAE
Smoke Pipe Harlan Coble F GDAE
Soldier's Joy Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Soldier's Joy Benton Flippen D GDAE
Sourwood Mountain Bill Hensley A AEAE
Sourwood Mountain Marcus Martin A AEAE
Sourwood Mountain Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Sourwood Mountain Marion Reece A AEAE
Squalling Cats Bill Hensley G GDAE
Stag-A-Lee Earnest East D ADAE
Stag-A-Lee Earnest East D ADAE
Stay All Night Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Sugar Hill Earnest East D ADAE
Sugar Hill Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Sugar In The Gourd Cleat Miller D GDAE
Sugar In The Gourd Marcus Martin G GDAE
Sugar In The Gourd Cleat Miller A AEAE
Sunny Home In Dixie Kirk Sutphin G GDAE
Sunny Home In Dixie Frank Jenkins G GDAE
Susanna Gal Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Sweet Marie Benton Flippen D GDAE
Sweet Sixteen Odell Smith F GDAE
Sweet Sunny South Kirk Sutphin G GDAE
Sweet Sunny South Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Take A Drink On Me Kirk Sutphin G GDAE
Talk Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
Talk Kirk Sutphin
Talk Kirk Sutphin
Talk About Dan Carter Kirk Sutphin
Talk About Escalators Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
Talk About Franklin County & Charlie Poole Kirk Sutphin
Talk About Hash House Kirk Sutphin
Talk About Richmond Kirk Sutphin
Talk about Sunny Home In Dixie & Sweet Sunny South Kirk Sutphin
Talk About The Wreck Of The Old 97 Kirk Sutphin
Talk about Will The Circle Be Unbroken Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
Tater Patch Tommy Jarrell A Modal GDAE
Tennessee Waltz Benton Flippen D GDAE
Texas Gals Tommy Jarrell C GDAE
That Lonesome Valley Steve Ledford G GDAE
This And That Benton Flippen A AEAE
Tommy Jarrell & Benton Flippen Demonstrate Bowing Tommy Jarrell & Benton Flippen D
Too Young To Marry Oscar Jenkins D GDAE
Trickling Waters Ole Belle Reed
Tucker's Barn Gaither Carlton G GDAE
Twinkle Little Star Red Fox Chasers G GDAE
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Marcus Martin G GDAE
Under The Double Eagle Fred Cockerham C GDAE
Undone In Sorrow Ole Belle Reed
Waiting For A Train Bud Reed
Wake Robin Marcus Martin D DDAD
Walking in My Sleep Earnest East G GDGD
Walking The Water Marcus Martin G GDAE
Walls Of Jericho Muncey Gaultney A AEAC#
Wandering Boy Frank Jenkins A AEAE
West Virginia Highway Kirk Sutphin G GDAE
When I Get My New House Done Marcus Martin A AEAC#
When Sorrows Encompass Me Round Tommy Jarrell A Modal AEAE
When You And I Were Young Maggie Benton Flippen A AEAE
Whip The Devil Around The Stump J.D. Harris G GDAE
Whoa Mule Earnest East D ADAE
Will The Circle Be Unbroken Ola Belle, Bud & David Reed
Worried Man Blues Steve Ledford G GDAE
Wounded Hoosier Marcus Martin D DDAD
Wreck Of The Old 97 Kirk Sutphin A GDAE
Wreck The Old 97 Tommy Jarrell D ADAE
Wylie Laws Manco Sneed D Minor GDAE
Yellow Rose Of Texas Ben Jarrell D GDAE
Yellow Rose Of Texas Kirk Sutphin D GDAE

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