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Old Time Fiddling From The State Of Ohio

Tune View
Title Artist Key Tuning
Banjo Tramp Ward Jarvis D GDAE
Barnyard Racket Lem Isom G GDAE
Bear Creek Hop Jimmy Wheeler A GDAE
Beautiful Flowers Rector Hicks A AEAE
Belvedere Hornpipe Lem Isom G GDAE
Bill Cheatham Arnold Sharp A AEAE
Billy In The Low Ground Estil Adams C GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground Lem Isom C GDAE
Birdie Jimmy Wheeler C GDAE
Blackberry Blossom Asa Neal G GDAE
Blind Steer In A Mud Hole Jimmy Wheeler A AEAE
Boatin' Up Sandy Jimmy Wheeler A GDAE
Bondy Special John Hutchison D GDAE
Cauliflower Jimmy Wheeler G GDAE
Charlie Guiteau Ward Jarvis G GDAE
Chillicothe Two-Step Lonnie Seymour G GDAE
Cincinnati Hornpipe Estil Adams G & C GDAE
Cowboy's Dream John Hutchison D GDAE
Cumberland Blues John Hannah C GDAE
Delaware Hornpipe Lem Isom G GDAE
Ditney Tea Jimmy Wheeler G & C & G GDAE
Durang's Hornpipe Lem Isom D GDAE
Durang's Hornpipe Jimmy Wheeler D GDAE
Dusty Miller Estil Adams A GDAE
Edward In The Treetop John Hannah A AEAC#
Elk's Festival Hornpipe Lem Isom D GDAE
Fayette County Breakdown Estil Adams G GDAE
Fire On A Log Jimmy Wheeler D GDAE
Fisher's Hornpipe John Hutchison D & G GDAE
Flop Eared Mule Jimmy Wheeler G & D GDAE
Flop Eared Mule Lem Isom G & D GDAE
German Waltz Arnold Sharp G GDAE
Girl I Left Behind Me Arnold Sharp G GDAE
God Will Wipe All Tears Away Rector Hicks G GDAE
Grapevine Twist Lem Isom D & G GDAE
Grey Eagle Estil Adams A GDAE
Grey Eagle Estil Adams G GDAE
Grey Eagle Ward Jarvis A AEAE
Ground Hog Estil Adams G GDAE
Head Of The Creek Ward Jarvis A AEAE
Hell Among The Yearlings Estil Adams C & G GDAE
Hell Among The Yearlings John Hutchison D GDAE
Hound Chase Arnold Sharp A AEAC#
Icy Mountain Ward Jarvis A Modal AEAE
Indian River Lem Isom G GDAE
Indians Are Over The Hill John Hannah D GDAE
Indians Are Over The Hill Jeff Goehring D GDAE
Ivy Leaf Reel Lem Isom D GDAE
Jim's Father's Waltz Jimmy Wheeler G GDAE
John Henry Van Kidwell D GDAE
Johnny Get The Cows Out Of The Corn Harry Woltz C GDAE
Katy Did Waltz Jimmy Wheeler G GDAE
Kitty Got A Baby O Arnold Sharp A GDAE
Last Gold Dollar Van Kidwell C GDAE
Lazy Bow Drag Jimmy Wheeler A GDAE
Leather Breeches Ward Jarvis G GDAE
Little Stream Of Whiskey Rector Hicks A GDAE
Log Chain Lonnie Seymour D GDAE
Lost Indian Ward Jarvis D GDAE
Lost Train Blues Estil Adams G GDAE
Martin's Waltz Jimmy Wheeler D GDAE
Midnight Ride Van Kidwell C GDAE
Mississippi Sawyer Arnold Sharp D GDAE
Money Musk John Hutchison A GDAE
Mountain Hornpipe Lem Isom C GDAE
Old Coon Dog Estil Adams G GDAE
Old Coon Dog Lyrics Estil Adams
Old Flannigan Jimmy Wheeler A GDAE
Only A Tear Rector Hicks G GDAE
Orange Blossom Special Rector Hicks G GDAE
Pond Creek Polka Jimmy Wheeler G GDAE
Portsmouth Airs Jimmy Wheeler G GDAE
Pumpkin Vine Jimmy Wheeler G GDAE
Putner's Run Estil Adams G GDAE
Rachel Jimmy Wheeler D GDAE
Ragtime Annie Jimmy Wheeler D GDAE
Rebel Raid John Hannah A GDAE
Rippling Water Jig John Hutchison A GDAE
Rocky Mountain Goat Estil Adams G & D & A GDAE
Rocky Mountain Goat Ward Jarvis D GDAE
Rocky Mountain Hornpipe Jimmy Wheeler D GDAE
Rye Straw John Hutchison A GDAE
Sally Goodin Ward Jarvis A AEAE
Sally Johnson Ward Jarvis G GDAE
Sandy River Belle Ward Jarvis G GDAE
Silver Star Hornpipe Lem Isom G GDAE
Six White Horses Jimmy Wheeler G GDAE
Snakewinder Asa Neal G GDAE
Soldier's Joy Cliff & Telford Hardesty C GDAE
Something Sweet To Tell Jimmy Wheeler D GDAE
Speed The Plow John Hutchison A GDAE
Stackolee Rector Hicks C GDAE
Starlight Waltz John Baltzell G GDAE
Stone Mountain Rag Rector Hicks C GDAE
Swanee River Hornpipe Lem Isom A GDAE
Tennessee Waltz Rector Hicks C GDAE
Three Bees In The Honey John Hutchison D GDAE
Three Thin Dimes John Hutchison A GDAE
Titanic Rector Hicks G GDAE
Trouble Down In Georgia Lem Isom D GDAE
Trumpy's Hoedown Cecil Plum G GDAE
Two White Nickels John Hutchison A GDAE
Unknown Title Jimmy Wheeler A GDAE
Unnamed Rector Hicks Tune 1 Rector Hicks G GDAE
Unnamed Rector Hicks Tune 2 Rector Hicks G GDAE
Webb's Tune Lonnie Seymour C GDAE
Wild Horse Ward Jarvis G GDAE
Wild Rabbit Estil Adams G GDAE
Yew Piney Mountain Ward Jarvis A AEAE

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