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Old Time Fiddling From The State Of Pennsylvania

Tune View
Title Artist Key Tuning
Acrobat's Clog Jehile Kirkhuff C GDAE
Angus Campbell Red Hartnett A GDAE
Billy In The Corn Bill Gipe C GDAE
Billy Wilson Miles Krassen A GDAE
Boxy Foxy Bill Gipe D GDAE
Cec McEachern's Reel Jehile Kirkhuff A GDAE
Dalton Waltz Jehile Kirkhuff C GDAE
Golden Tresses Jig Jehile Kirkhuff C GDAE
Intro to Peter Krause Peter Krause
Listen To The Mockingbird Mike Hartnett D GDAE
Lost Train Blues Tracy Schwarz C GDAE
Mississippi Sawyer Red Hartnett D GDAE
Mississippi Sawyer Mike Hartnett D GDAE
Mockingbird Red Hartnett D GDAE
Mountain Hornpipe Jehile Kirkhuff G GDAE
Red Apple Rag Red Hartnett G GDAE
Round The Button And Through The Horn James Ike Bryner A GDAE
Shades Of The Yellow Rose Palmer Loux F GDAE
Silver Bells Peter Krause G GDAE
Soldier's Joy Red Hartnett D GDAE
Sticks And Stones Charles Lutz G GDAE
Tarbolton Red Hartnett
Tennessee Waggoner Mike Hartnett C GDAE
Too Young To Marry Mike Hartnett D GDAE
Upper Lehigh Peter Krause G GDAE
Whippoorwill Peter Krause

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