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Old Time Fiddling From The State Of Tennessee

Tune View
Title Artist Key Tuning
Acorn Hill Breakdown Tommy Jackson D GDAE
Across The Sea Lusk, Gribble & York C GDAE
Alabama Trot Jimmie McCarroll D GDAE
Altamont John Lusk C GDAE
Altamont Oscar Overturf D ADAE
Apple Blossom John Lusk D ADAE
Arkansas Bob Rogers C GDAE
Bacon And Cabbage Blind Joe Mangrum G GDAE
Barnyard Serenade G.B. Grayson G GDAE
Bill Bailey Tommy Magness C GDAE
Bill Cheatum Blind Joe Mangrum A GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground Lusk, Gribble & York C GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground #2 Lusk, Gribble & York C GDAE
Billy Wilson Uncle Jimmy Thompson A GDAE
Black Eyed Suzanna John Sharp A AEAE
Black Mountain Rag Arthur Smith A AEAC#
Blackberry Blossom Arthur Smith G GDAE
Boatin' Up Sandy Tony Alderman & Charles Bowman A AEAE
Bob Wills Stomp Tommy Magness F GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Arthur Smith D DDAD
Bottle of Wine and Gingercake Blaine Smith G GDAE
Boys My Money's All Gone Charlie Bowman A Modal AEAE
Bug In The Taters Charlie Bowman D GDAE
Build A Little Boat Howdy Forrester D GDAE
Buttermilk Bob Rogers D GDAE
Cacklin' Hen Albert Utsman G GDAE
Callahan Rag Jimmie McCarroll A AEAE
Callahan's Reel John Dykes A AEAE
Chattanooga Blaine Smith G GDAE
Cheatham County Breakdown #2 Arthur Smith C GDAE
Choctaw Bill Bob Douglas C GDAE
Choctaw Bill Blaine Smith C GDAE
Cincinnati Blaine Smith G GDAE
Clarinet Polka Howdy Forrester Bb & Eb & F GDAE
Corn in the Crib Blaine Smith G GDAE
Cruel Willie Howdy Forrester D DDAD
Cumberland Gap Allen Sisson G GDAE
Cumberland Gap Uncle Am Stuart G GDAE
Dan Tucker Frank Patterson D GDAE
Dance All Night With A Bottle In Your Hand Arthur Smith G GDAE
Dance Around Molly Tommy Magness A GDAE
Death Of Kilroy Tommy Magness A GDAE
Dixie Uncle Am Stuart D GDAE
Doc Harris Hornpipe Howdy Forrester Bb GDAE
Don't Allow No Hanging Around Tommy Magness C GDAE
Drunk Old Man Bob Rogers D GDAE
Dusty Miller Arthur Smith A Modal GDAE
East Tennessee Blues Charles Bowman & Fred Roe & Tony Alderman C GDAE
Eighth Of January John Lusk D ADAE
Evening Shade Arthur Smith G GDAE
Everybody Two Step Jimmie McCarroll Bb GDAE
Far Beyond The Blue Skies John Dykes F GDAE
Farewell Ducktown Allen Sisson G & C GDAE
Farewell Ducktown Tommy Magness C GDAE
Fiddler's Blues Arthur Smith Bb GDAE
Fiddler's Dream Arthur Smith G & D GDAE
Fiddler's Waltz Howdy Forrester G GDAE
Fiddlin' Trombone Howdy Forrester C GDAE
Fisher's Hornpipe Tony Alderman & Charles Bowman & Fred Roe G GDAE
Five Miles To Town John Sharp D GDAE
Florida Blues Arthur Smith D GDAE
Flying Clouds Uncle Jimmy Thompson G & D GDAE
Forki Deer Uncle Am Stuart D GDAE
Forky Deer Charlie Bowman D GDAE
Fourteen Wildcat Scalps John Sharp A AEAE
Fox Chase Jesse Young C GDAE
Frank Barbee Hornpipe Eldia Barbee D Modal GDAE
Frankie John Dykes F GDAE
Free A Little Bird John Dykes F GDAE
Free A Little Bird 1930 Model Jimmie McCarroll G GDAE
George Booker Uncle Am Stuart A AEAE
Goin' To Town Arthur Smith G GDAE
Going Down The Lee Highway G.B. Grayson D GDAE
Golden Slippers John Dykes G GDAE
Green Backed Dollar Bill Oscar Stone C GDAE
Green River Tommy Magness C GDAE
Green River March Jimmie McCarroll D GDAE
Green Valley Waltz Luther McCartt G GDAE
Greenback Dollar Dick & Frank Weems C GDAE
Grey Eagle Uncle Am Stuart C GDAE
Grey Eagle Allen Sisson C GDAE
Hale's Rag Theron Hale C GDAE
Handsome Molly G.B. Grayson G GDAE
Hell Among The Yearlings Arthur Smith D GDAE
Here And There Tommy Jackson A GDAE
Hickman Rag Charlie Bowman C GDAE
High Level Hornpipe Howdy Forrester Bb & F GDAE
Hollow Poplar Arthur Smith G GDAE
Home Town Blues Jimmie McCarroll D GDAE
Hook And Line John Dykes G GDAD
Huckleberry Blues John Dykes C GDAE
Hy Patillion Jesse Young C GDAE
Ida Red John Dykes A AEAE
Indian Creek Arthur Smith G GDAE
Irish Washerwoman Reel Blaine Smith G GDAE
Jeff Davis Blaine Smith C GDAE
Jenny In The Cotton Patch Bob Douglas A Minor GDAE
Jim Shank Sam Dyer A AEAE
John Brown's Dream Joe Birchfield A AEAE
John Henry Joe Birchfield C FCGD
Johnson Boys Grant Brothers D GDAE
Johnson City Rag Jimmie McCarroll G GDAE
Kaisers Defeat Jig Allen Sisson G GDAE
Karo Uncle Jimmy Thompson D & A GDAE
Katy Hill Allen Sisson G GDAE
Kentucky Wagoner Allen Sisson C GDAE
Lake Erie John Sharp A AEAE
Last Days In Georgia Melvin Robinette C GDAE
Leather Breeches Uncle Am Stuart G GDAE
Leather Britches Uncle Jimmy Thompson G GDAE
Lee Highway Blues Fred Price D GDAE
Little Darling Arthur Smith G GDAE
Little Gal'l Fool Me Joe Birchfield D GDAE
Lonesome Widow Dick Weems A AEAE
Long Eared Mule Tony Alderman & Charles Bowman G GDAE
Low Down Hanging Around Tommy Magness C GDAE
Lynchburg Uncle Jimmy Thompson A GDAE
Mammoth Cave Waltz Blind Joe Mangrum
Maybelle Rag Jesse Young C GDAE
McCarroll's Breakdown Jimmie McCarroll A AEAE
Molly Put The Kettle On John Sharp A AEAE
Monday Morning Blues Bob Douglas A GDAE
Money In Both Pockets Charlie Bowman A AEAE
Mountaineer's Love Song Tony Alderman & Charles Bowman G GDAE
My Wife Died Saturday Night Oscar Stone D GDAE
Natural Bridge Blues Tommy Magness A GDAE
New Five Cents Lusk, Gribble & York C GDAE
North Carolina Breakdown Arthur Smith G GDAE
Old Granny Rattletrap Uncle Am Stuart A AEAE
Old Jimmy Sutton G.B. Grayson D GDAE
Old Joe Sid Harkreader C GDAE
Old Joe, Where'd You Get Your Religion Lusk, Gribble & York C GDAE
Old Liza Jane Uncle Am Stuart A AEAE
Ommie Wise G.B. Grayson G GDAE
On The Banks Of The Old Tennessee G.B. Grayson G GDAE
Oscar's Piece #3 Oscar Overturf A AEAE
Over The Mountain Uncle Dave Macon D GDAE
Paddy On The Turnpike Sam Dyer G GDAE
Paris Waltz Arthur Smith D GDAE
Peacock Rag Arthur Smith D GDAE
Peelin' Taters Johnny Warren C GDAE
Pig In A Pen Joe Birchfield A AEAE
Polk County Breakdown Tommy Magness A GDAE
Polly Ann Arthur Smith A AEAC#
Poor Ellen Smith John Dykes A AEAE
Rabbit In The Pea Patch Kirk McGee & Mazy Todd D GDAE
Rachel Tommy Jackson D GDAE
Red Apple Rag Arthur Smith G GDAE
Red Steer John Dykes A AEAE
Redbird Oscar Overturf A AEAE
Roane County Rag Jimmie McCarroll A AEAE
Robertson County Charles Arrington G GDAE
Rocky Road To Dublin Allen Sisson A Modal GDAE
Rolling River John Lusk G GDAE
Rose Of Sharon Howdy Forrester A GDAE
Rose Waltz Blind Joe Mangrum
Round Town Girls Tony Alderman & Charles Bowman & Fred Roe G GDAE
Ruffled Drawers Bob Rogers D GDAE
Rutland's Reel Howdy Forrester Am & C GDAE
Rye Straw Uncle Am Stuart A AEAE
Rymer's Favorite Allen Sisson C GDAE
Sail Away Ladies Kirk McGee & Mazy Todd G GDAE
Sally Ann Johnson Arthur Smith G GDAE
Sally Brown Jig Allen Sisson A Modal GDAE
Sally Gooden Uncle Am Stuart G GDAE
Sequatchie Valley Bob Douglas C GDAE
Sharp's Hornpipe John Sharp A AEAE
Shortenin' Bread Joe Birchfield A AEAE
Shortnin' Bread John Dykes A AEAE
Sid Harkreader's Tune Sid Harkreader G GDAE
Single-Footing Horse Arthur Smith D GDAE
Sleepy Lou Kirk McGee & Mazy Todd C GDAE
Smoke Behind The Clouds Bob Douglas G GDAE
Smoke Behind The Clouds Jesse Young G GDAE
Snow Bird Sam Dyer D GDAE
Snow Shoes Tommy Jackson D GDAE
Sourwood Mountain Joe Birchfield A AEAE
Sourwood Mountain Uncle Am Stuart A AEAE
Southern Number 111 Jimmie McCarroll A AEAE
Step High Waltz Jimmie McCarroll A GDAE
Stones Rag Charles Arrington C GDAE
Sugar Tree Stomp Arthur Smith G GDAE
Teakettle Hornpipe Johnny Warren Bb GDAE
Tell Her To Come Back Home Kirk McGee & Mazy Todd G GDAE
Tempie Joe Birchfield
Tennessee Breakdown Dudley Vance G GDAE
Tennessee Girls John Dykes D ADAE
Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase Dudley Vance C GDAE
Tennessee Waltz Jimmie McCarroll D GDAE
Texas Traveler Frank Patterson D GDAE
Three Way Hornpipe John Sharp A AEAE
Throw The Old Cow Over The Fence Bill Barrett G GDAE
Tom & Jerry Kirk McGee & Mazy Todd A AEAE
Topeka Polka Howdy Forrester Bb GDAE
Train 45 Joe Birchfield A AEAE
Train Number 45 G.B. Grayson A AEAE
Trot Along My Honey Howdy Forrester C GDAE
Tulsa Hop Arthur Smith A GDAE
Turkey Buzzard Tommy Magness G GDAE
Twilight Is Stealing John Dykes F GDAE
Wagoner Uncle Am Stuart C GDAE
Walking In My Sleep Arthur Smith G GDAE
Walking In The Parlor Tony Alderman & Charles Bowman & Fred Roe D GDAE
Walking Water Reel Allen Sisson G GDAE
Watermelon On The Vine Tommy Magness C GDAE
Way Down The Old Plank Road Uncle Dave Macon D GDAE
Whistling Rufus Arthur Smith G GDAE
Widow Haley Arthur Smith G GDAE

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