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Tune Artist Key Tuning
Arizona Stomp Daniel H. Williams C GDAE
Breakdown D GDAE
Breakdown E GDAE
Breakdown E GDAE
Chicken And Dumplings G GDAE
Shanghai Rooster G GDAE
Tune Unknown C GDAE
American Hornpipe D GDAE
Breakdown D GDAE
Breakdown D GDAE
Polly Put The Kettle On Knuckle Busters
Fire On The Mountain Virginian Partners
CS-37.mp3 Cyril Stinnett
KB-01.mp3 Kenny Baker
TG-22.mp3 Tony Gilmore
ti-02.mp3 Tom Isenhour
mf-04.mp3 Massey Family
eb-28b.mp3 Emory Bailey
bt-jp13.mp3 Buddy Thomas & JP Fraley
bt-jp18.mp3 Buddy Thomas & JP Fraley
le-16.mp3 Lyman Enloe
hr-24.mp3 Harry Rich and family
hr-32.mp3 Harry Rich and family
cole-03a.mp3 Emment Cole
cole-07.mp3 Emment Cole
cole-08.mp3 Emment Cole
ec-17.mp3 Earl Collins
GG-24.mp3 Gene Goforth
EH01.mp3 Ellis Hall D, A & G GDAE
EH06.mp3 Ellis Hall D,G & G GDAE
EH12.mp3 Ellis Hall C GDAE
JWS-18.mp3 John W. "Dick" Summers
RP03-27.mp3 Roscoe Parrish
corn03.mp3 John Ray "Doc" Corn
Genero1999-V03-03.mp3 Unknown A AEAC#
tilley1-02.mp3 Unknown
Bonaparte's Retreat Doc Watson & Family D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Melvin Wine D DDAD
Bonaparte's Reel aka Napoleon's Reel Isidore Soucy D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Oscar & Eugene Wright D DDAD
Bonapart's Retreat aka Napoleon's Retreat John Salyer D DDAD
Dooley Cross County Boys
Uncle Joe East Coast Ridge Runners
Medley East Coast Ridge Runners
Rawhide Twin County Partners
Panhandle Country Twin County Partners
Lee County Blues Virginia Carolina Ramblers with Fred Cockerham
Let Me Fall Virginia Carolina Ramblers with Fred Cockerham
Old Joe Clark Sons Of The Blue Ridge A GDAE
Devil's Dream Sons Of The Blue Ridge
June Apple Hollow Rock String Band
Old Sally Brown Hollow Rock String Band
Bill Cheatum Mountain Ramblers
Grey Eagle Mountain Ramblers
Roll On Buddy Tennessee Playmates
Cacklin' Hen Tennessee Playmates
Dear Old Dixie Wilson Brothers
Cumberland Gap Wilson Brothers
John Hardy Camp Creek Boys
Bill Cheatum Camp Creek Boys
Grey Eagle Carolina Mountaineers
Blue Moon Of Kentucky Carolina Mountaineers D GDAE
Cacklin' Hen Bluegrass Drifters
Dear Old Dixie Bluegrass Drifters
Ebenezer Blue Ridge Buddies
Lee Highway Blues Blue Ridge Buddies
Memory Of You Snowy Mountain Boys
Wake Up Suzie Snowy Mountain Boys
Announcer - Good Pickin'
Tennessee Wagoner Blueridge Partners
Back Up And Push Blueridge Partners
Flop Eared Mule FM Reddick Band
Sally Goodin FM Reddick Band
Little Maggie Queen City Ramblers
Lomesome Road Blues Queen City Ramblers
Sally Goodin Southern Mountain Boys
Richmond Southern Mountain Boys
Leather Britches Clark Kessenger G GDAE
Sally Ann Johnson Clark Kessenger G GDAE
Cluck Old Hen Knuckle Busters
Bonaparte's Retreat French Carpenter D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Al Cherny D GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Earl Collins D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Max Collins D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers D GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Clyde Davenport D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Bill Driver D GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Hick Edmonds D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat J.P. Fraley D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat A.A. Gray D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Ralph Graybeal D GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Alva Greene D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Ed Haley D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Burl Hammons D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Dewey Hamrick D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat John Hatcher D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat J.D. Harris & Osey Helton D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Bill Hensley D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Elijah Hill D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat John Johnson
Bonaparte's Retreat Santford Kelly
Bonaparte's Retreat Walter Lile
Bonaparte's Retreat Emmett Lundy
Bonaparte's Retreat Marcus Martin D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat H.L. Maxey D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Sam McNeil D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Absie Morrison D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Noble Page D GDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Burrell Reed A AEAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Eck Robertson D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Georgia Slim Rutland
Bonaparte's Retreat Rufe Scott D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Skillet Lickers D GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Luther Strong D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Sugarleaf Sheltons
Bonaparte's Retreat Texas Shorty
Bonaparte's Retreat Benny Thomasson D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Sammy Walker D GDAE
Hell Bound For Alabama John Carson G GDAD
Indian Squaw Art Stamper G GDAD
Little Dog Trottin' Down The River Cyril Stinnett G GDAD
Miss Brown Andrew Carter G GDAD
Old Belle Yew And A Little Speck Of Weather Bruce Greene G GDAD
Old Sally Goodin Art Stamper G GDAD
One Eyed Rosie Clyde Davenport G GDAD
Ora Lee Bob Carlin G GDAD
Squirrel Heads and Gravy Chris Germain G GDAD
Tippy Get Your Hair Cut Melvin Wine G GDAD
Walking In The Parlor Bruce Greene G GDAD
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine Luther Davis D GDAE
Bonaparte's March Audley Cable G GDAE
Bonaparte's March Harvey Taylor A GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat & March C.W. Strong D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Boyd Asher D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Lexie Baker D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat 2 Lexie Baker D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Roy Bennett G GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Estill Bingham D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat 2 Estill Bingham D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Ralph Blizard D DDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Ernie Carpenter D DADG
Brushy Fork Of John's Creek Erynn Marshall D DDAD
Bush In The Shucks Benny Thomasson D DDAD
Camp Meeting On The 4th Of July Canote Brothers D DDAD
Christmas Time Is Coming Hick Edmonds D DDAD
Coleman's March Pete Sutherland D DDAD
Cruel Willie Earl Collins D DDAD
Cluckin' Hen JP Fraley D DDAD
Druther Be A Sailor Earl Collins D DDAD
Dry & Dusty Eck Robertson D DDAD
Dry & Dusty Max Collins D DDAD
Eight Miles From Town Pete Sutherland D DDAD
Hawk Shot A Buzzard Sherman Hammons D DDAD
Jack O Diamonds JP Fraley D DDAD
Jimalong Josie James Bryan D DDAD
Little Sparrow Edden Hammons D DDAD
Molly Put The Kettle On Dewey Hamrick D DDAD
On My Way To See Nancy Edden Hammons D DDAD
Say Old Man, Can I Have your Daughter Canote Brothers D DDAD
Washington's March Burl Hammons D DDAD
Washington's March Ernie Carpenter D DDAD
Washington's March Tom Dillon D DDAD
Well Into The Double Digits Mark Simos D DDAD
Wounded Hoosier Marcus Martin D DDAD
Yell In The Shoats Indian Creek Delta Boys D DDAD
Zollie's Retreat Clyde Davenport D DDAD
Banks Of The Arkansas Bruce Greene G GDAD
Boatin' Up Sandy Melvin Wine G GDAD
Jenny Nettles Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Laurel Lonesome Bruce Greene A AEAC#
Lonesome Polly Ann Lonnie Robertson A AEAC#
Lost Child Stripling Brothers A AEAC#
Lost Indian Moss Coffman A AEAC#
Obama's March to the White House Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Old Bell Cow Benny Thomasson A AEAC#
Old Blue Bonnet Bruce Greene A AEAC#
Old Charlie Deckard Bob Holt A AEAC#
Old Man And Woman Quarrelling Sam McCracken A AEAC#
Old Man Gone Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Peggy Evens Bruce Greene A AEAC#
Pickin Devils Eye Enos Canoy A AEAC#
Prisoner Boy Fiddlin' Jim Pate A AEAC#
Queens Reel Erskine Morris by way of Glenn Paterson A AEAC#
Reel du Pendu Andre Proulx A AEAC#
Rocky Road To Jericho Clifford Murray A AEAC#
Roving Gambler Foghorn Stringband A AEAC#
Scolding Wife Dwight Lamb A AEAC#
Scolding Wife Marion Reece by way of Michael Ford A AEAC#
Solly's Favorite Emory Bailey A AEAC#
Tenessee Mountain Fox Chase Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Texas Farewell Fiddin' Jim Pate A AEAC#
They Swung John Brown From A Sour Apple Tree Bruce Greene Also On Jim Taylor's Civil War Collection Vol. 1 A AEAC#
Walk Along John To Kansas Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Walkin' Back to Texas Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Walls Of Jericho Muncey Gaultney A AEAC#
When I Get My New House Done Marcus Martin A AEAC#
Aunt Polly Earl Collins D DDAD
Blacksnake Bit Me On The Toe Clyde Davenport D DDAD
Bonaparte's Charge Alva Greene D DDAD
Bonaparte Marching Through Russia Sherman Wimmer D DDAD
Frisco Waltz Ward Allen F GDAE
Jungle Waltz Leake County Revelers F GDAE
Lonesome Moonlight Waltz Kenny Baker F GDAE
Mothers Day Waltz Don Messer F GDAE
Rose Waltz Benny Thomasson F GDAE
Shades Of The Yellow Rose Palmer Loux F GDAE
Shannon Waltz D.H. Williams F GDAE
Spanish Waltz Hugh Roden F GDAE
Sweetheart Waltz Hugh Roden F GDAE
Unnamed Waltz W.S. Collins F GDAE
Waltz #4 Casey Jones F GDAE
Waltz You Saved For Me Pete McMahan F GDAE
Bear Creek Sally Goodin Bob Holt A AEAC#
Bells Of Mecklenbur Bob Herring & Rafe Stefanini A AEAC#
Betty Ann John Ashby And The Free State Ramblers A AEAC#
Bumblebee On A Gourdvine Benny Thomasson A AEAC#
Calico Billy In The Low Ground Tricia Spencer & Howard Rains A AEAC#
Chased Old Satan Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Choctaw Bill Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Cluck Old Hen Earl Collins A AEAC#
Cold Frost Morning Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Come Back Alive Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Cotton Eyed Joe Noah Beavers A AEAC#
Cows In The Pea Patch Burl Hammons A AEAC#
Cripple Creek Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Edward In The Treetop John Hannah A AEAC#
Fruit Fly Blues Pete Sutherland A AEAC#
Hickory Smith Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Hound Chase Arnold Sharp A AEAC#
I Ain't A Bit Drunk Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Jack's Creek Ridge Bruce Greene A AEAC#
Jaybird In The Ashbrook Foghorn String Band A AEAC#
Round The Old Church Ground Edden Hammons F GDAE
Safe Harbor Rag Chirps Smith F GDAE
Saint John's Hoedown Joe Pancerzewski F GDAE
Saratoga Hornpipe Don Roy F GDAE
Satisfied Paul Anastasio F GDAE
Shant In Old Shanty Town Phil & Vivian Williams F GDAE
Silly Bill Uncle Charlie Higgins F GDAE
Skyland Rag Rector Trio F GDAE
Smokey Mountain Rag Kenny Baker F GDAE
Snow Shoer's Reel Donald Commo F GDAE
Sunnyside Vernon Solomon F GDAE
Sweet Silas Stripling Brothers F GDAE
Take Those Lips Away Doc Roberts F GDAE
Texas Crapshooter Farr Brothers F GDAE
That's It Mississippi Sheiks F GDAE
Third Of July Red Brush Rowdies F GDAE
Tune For Andy Kenny Baker F GDAE
Turkey In The Straw Grant Lamb F GDAE
Uncle Pig Gary Lee Moore F GDAE
Under The Double Eagle Roscoe White F GDAE
Unnamed Schottische Darley Fulks F GDAE
Unknown Jig Bill Driver F GDAE
Unknown Reel #1 Bill Driver F GDAE
Unknown Reel #2 Bill Driver F GDAE
Unknown Reel #3 Bill Driver F GDAE
Walking Water Reel Allen Sisson F GDAE
When You and I were Young Maggie Phil & Vivian Williams F GDAE
Whistlin' Coon Narmour & Smith F GDAE
White River Stomp Jack Cawley's Oklahoma Ridge Runners F GDAE
Will Davenport's Tune Hart & Blech F GDAE
Will There Be Any Stars Edden Hammons F GDAE
Winston In The 50's Jerry Holland F GDAE
Winston Tune Frank Ferrel F GDAE
Zig Zag Hornpipe Pete McMahon F GDAE
Alma Waltz Mississippi Mud Steppers F GDAE
Blackhawk Waltz J.C Hounshell F GDAE
Castillian Waltz Darley Fulks F GDAE
Crystal Stream Waltz Dean Johnston F GDAE
Dream Of Heaven K.C. Kartchner F GDAE
Harrison Greely Andy Cahan F GDAE
Herring Reel Eddie Arsenault F GDAE
High Point Kenny Baker F GDAE
Homebrew Rag Lowe Stokes F & Bb GDAE
Hull's Victory L.O. Weeks F GDAE
Honeysuckle Time August Merrill F GDAE
Husking Bee Coon's Joy Boys F GDAE
I Lost My Girl Earl Johnson F GDAE
Irish American Reel Yvon Cuerrier F GDAE
Kilnamona Barndance Martin Hayes F GDAE
Lady Templeton's Clog Rodney Miller F GDAE
Little River Stomp Tony Thomas F GDAE
Lovers First Quarrel Harry Elie F GDAE
MacKenzie And MacPhee Frank Ferrel F GDAE
Memories Leake County Revelers F GDAE
Middletown Hornpipe Jim and Kim Lansford F GDAE
Millburn Hornpipe Frank Ferrel F GDAE
Miss Minnie Foster's Clog Joseph Cormier F GDAE
Money In Advance Frank Ferrel F GDAE
Monroe County Quickstep Rutherford & Foster F GDAE
Monroe Stomp Hiter Colvin F GDAE
Murray County Breakdown Casey Driscoll F GDAE
My Old Fiddle Jerry Holland F GDAE
Ned Kendall's Hornpipe Charlie Walden F GDAE
New Bicycle Hornpipe Norman & Nancy Blake F GDAE
New Boston Hornpipe Nile Wilson F GDAE
New Mexico Polka Buckhannon Brothers F GDAE
Next To Your Mother, Who Do You Love Madisonville String Band F GDAE
Nightingale Clog Rodney Miller F GDAE
Oklahoma Rag Bob Wills F GDAE
Old Blue Bonnet Roy Bennett F GDAE
Old Boar Jerry Holland F GDAE
Old Folks Schottische Darley Fulks F GDAE
Ole Bull Hornpipe James Bryan F GDAE
Olympic Two Step Graham Townsend F GDAE
Ozark Rag Daniel H. Williams F GDAE
Perth Assembly Joseph Cormier F GDAE
Phil's Clog Grant Lamb F GDAE
Possum Hollow Stripling Brothers F GDAE
Quadrille Montcalm Joseph Allard F GDAE
Rae Reel Joseph & JP Cormier F GDAE
Ross's Reel #4 Rodney Miller F GDAE
Black Bottom Strut Three Stripped Gears F GDAE
Blue Cap Joseph Allard F GDAE
Branson Rag Noel Scott F GDAE
Brazos Bottom Rag J.W. Whatley F GDAE
Buffalo Gals Brad Leftwich F GDAE
Charlie Dunn's F & C Jig Clay Pete Smith F & C GDAE
Charlie Dunn's F & C Tune Clay "Pete" Smith F & C GDAE
Charlie Dunn's F & C & Dm Tune Clay "Pete" Smith F & C & Dm GDAE
Chirps & Williams Ed Baggott F GDAE
Compliments To Buddy MacMaster Jerry Holland F GDAE
Compliments To The Browns Of Dingwal Frank Ferrel F GDAE
County Fair, The Uncle Henry's Favorites F GDAE
Crafton Blues J.C Hounshell F GDAE
Cripple Coon Hoyt Ming & His Pepsteppers F GDAE
Curly Headed Woman Leonard Rutherford F GDAE
Czar Of Russia's Favorite James Bryan F GDAE
Dallas Rag Dallas String Band F GDAE
Darkie's Dream Grant Lamb F GDAE
Decatur Street Rag George Walburn & Emmett Hethcox F GDAE
Deer Foot Rodney Miller F GDAE
Ebeneezer Kenneth Lampley F GDAE
Elsmith Four Step Grant Lamb F GDAE
Everybody's Doing It Lowe Stokes F GDAE
Everything Howe Teague F GDAE
F Hornpipe Ray Curbow F GDAE
F & D Rag Carthy Sisco F & D GDAE
Fiddle On Fire Jerry Holland F GDAE
Fisher's Hornpipe Winston Scotty Fitzgerald F GDAE
Flop Ear Mule Ralph Graybeal F GDAE
Foolin' Around Aubrey Haynie F GDAE
Fort Worth Rag Benny Thomasson F GDAE
Forty Drops Andrew & Jim Baxter F GDAE
Fred Wilson's Clog Joseph Cormier F GDAE
Georgia Stomp Andrew & Jim Baxter F GDAE
Going Down The River Dr Smith's Hoss Hair Pullers F GDAE
Grandma's Rag Dick Burnett F GDAE
Gray's Second Change Graham Townsend F GDAE
Old Rose John W. Summers C GDAE
Old Waltz In C K.C. Kartchner C GDAE
Over The Waves Doc Roberts C GDAE
Poor Girl Waltz Andy DeJarlis C GDAE
Pretty Waltz Palmer Loux C GDAE
Red River Waltz Stripling Brothers C GDAE
Rippling Waves Mellie Dunham C GDAE
Roxanna Waltz Kenny Baker C GDAE
Saint Jobe's Waltz Red Steeley C GDAE
Saint Paul Waltz Barbara Lamb & Vivian Williams C GDAE
Shenandoah Waltz John W. Summers C GDAE
Smith's Waltz Lonnie Robertson C GDAE
Someone I Love Narmour & Smith C GDAE
Stars And Stripes Waltz Lonnie Robertson C GDAE
Sunny Waltz Narmour & Smith C GDAE
Sunset Waltz Grinnell Giggers C GDAE
Sweet Bunch Of Daisies John W. Summers C GDAE
Sweet Rose of Heaven Taylor-Griggs C GDAE
Sweetest Flower Waltz Daniel H. Williams C GDAE
Take Me As I Am Narmour & Smith C GDAE
Tennessee Waltz Clark Kessinger C GDAE
Tuscaloosa Waltz James Bryan C GDAE
Twilight Waltz Johnny Mooring C GDAE
Waltz #2 Casey Jones C GDAE
Waltz #5 Casey Jones C GDAE
Wednesday Night Waltz Kessinger Brothers C GDAE
When It's Springtime in the Rockies Leake County Revelers C GDAE
White Rose Waltz J.P. Fraley C GDAE
Winter Night Waltz Everett Fulk C GDAE
Wilfred Hately's Waltz Grant Lamb C GDAE
Alexander Thom's Frank Ferrel F GDAE
Archie Menzie's Reel Winston Scotty Fitzgerald F GDAE
Atlanta Hornpipe James Bryan F GDAE
Bagot's Two-Step Grant Lamb F GDAE
Batchelder's Rodney Miller F GDAE
Beaumont Rag Eck Robertson F GDAE
Best Timber Harry Jones F GDAE
Big Four Stripling Brothers F GDAE
Birds In The Brook K.C. Kartchner F GDAE
Blackberry One Step Fred Stoneking F GDAE
White's Polka Harvey "Pappy" Taylor C GDAE
Why Do A Preacher Like Chicken So Garry Harrison C GDAE
Why Don't You Shovel Like I Used To Garry Harrison C GDAE
Wild John Benny Thomasson C GDAE
Wild Wagoner J.W. Day C GDAE
Young Guns & Miners Boiled Buzzards C GDAE
Allen Downey C, G & F Waltz Lotus Dickey C, G & F GDAE
Allen Downey C Waltz No1 Lotus Dickey C GDAE
Alexander Waltz Alfred Bailey C GDAE
Beautiful Bells Leake County Revelers C GDAE
Belle Waltz Casey Jones C GDAE
Black Velvet Waltz Simon St. Pierre C GDAE
Blue Rose Waltz Delbert Spray & Shorty Terrell C GDAE
Boarding House Bells Are Ringing Waltz Kessinger Brothers C GDAE
Bonnie Blue Waltz Leonard Rutherford C GDAE
C Waltz Charlie Acuff C GDAE
C Waltz Cyril Stinnett C GDAE
C Waltz John W. Summers C GDAE
California Waltz Chirps Smith C GDAE
Cattle Call Waltz Ben Drake C GDAE
Clayhole Waltz Skip Gorman C GDAE
Dad's Waltz Dwight Lamb C GDAE
Downfall Of Paris Darley Fulks C GDAE
Ed Fleming Waltz Lotus Dickey C GDAE
Evening Star Waltz DaCosta Woltz's Southern Broadcasters C GDAE
Farewell Waltz Lonnie Robertson C GDAE
Friday Night Waltz Ray Brothers C GDAE
GinghamWaltz Jim Newton C GDAE
God Only Knows Who Will Take Her Home Carthy Sisco & James Ketterman C GDAE
Goodnight Waltz Leake County Revelers C GDAE
Henry Reed's Waltz Hollow Rock String Band C GDAE
Isabelle Waltz Bill Driver C GDAE
Jacks Creek Waltz Doc Roberts C GDAE
June Rose Waltz Stripling Brothers C GDAE
Kentucky Waltz Eck Robertson C GDAE
Let Me Call You Sweetheart John W. Summers C GDAE
Limburger Cheese Chirps Smith C GDAE
Magnolia Waltz Leake County Revelers C GDAE
Marion Waltz Johnny Mooring C GDAE
McKinney Waltz Daniel H. Williams C GDAE
Midnight Waltz Stripling Brothers C GDAE
Ninety Nine Years Doc Roberts C GDAE
Oklahoma Waltz Max Collins C GDAE
Turkey Roost Everett Fulk C GDAE
Turkey Tracks Lacey Hartje C GDAE
Twelfth Street Blues Duprees Rome Boys C GDAE
Twelfth Street Rag Nathan Leath C GDAE
Twinkle Little Star, Old Time Alfred Bailey C GDAE
Uncle Dan Glenn Godsey C GDAE
Under The Double Eagle Fred Cockerham C GDAE
Unnamed Altamont, Wagoner Like Tune Bruce Greene C GDAE
Unnamed Reel Will Adams C GDAE
Unnamed Reel #1 Bill Driver C GDAE
Unnamed Reel #2 Bill Driver C GDAE
Unnamed Reel #3 Bill Driver C GDAE
Unnamed Reel #4 Bill Driver C GDAE
Unnamed Reel #5 Bill Driver C GDAE
Unnamed Reel #6 Bill Driver C GDAE
Unnamed Reel #7 Bill Driver C GDAE
Unnamed Reel #8 Bill Driver C GDAE
Unnamed Reel #9 Bill Driver C GDAE
Unnamed Reel #10 Bill Driver C GDAE
Unnamed Reel J. Laurel Johnson C GDAE
Unnamed Reel Dave Marshall C GDAE
Schottische #1 Bill Driver C GDAE
Schottische #2 Bill Driver C GDAE
Schottische #3 Bill Driver C GDAE
Schottische Cyril Stinnett C GDAE
Schottische John W. Summers C GDAE
Schottische Marcus Martin C GDAE
Schottische Uncle Dick Hutchison C GDAE
Up Jumped the Rabbit Georgia Pot Lickers C GDAE
Wagoner Pop Baker C GDAE
Wagoner Hornpipe Red Steeley C GDAE
Waiting For The Robert E Lee Scottdale String Band C GDAE
Walking In The Parlor Darley Fulks C GDAE
Walter Harmon's Hornpipe Donald Duff C GDAE
Wang Wang Blues Lee Stripling C GDAE
Webbs Tune Ross County Farmers C GDAE
West Virginia Polka Harvey "Pappy" Taylor C GDAE
Whalens Breakdown Don Messer C GDAE
What Makes A Wildcat Wild Humphries Brothers C GDAE
Where The Southern Crosses The Dog Narmour & Smith C GDAE
Scolding Wife Benny Thomasson C GDAE
Seventeen Days In Georgia Yankee Ingenuity C GDAE
Shilo Georgia Mudcats C GDAE
Shoe Cobbler's Blues Bob Holt C GDAE
Sixteen Days In Georgia Melvin Wine C GDAE
Skillet Licker Breakdown Skillet Lickers C GDAE
Smokey Row Bruce Greene C GDAE
Smoky Mokes Dennis Pash and Meredith Axelrod C GDAE
Soldier's Joy Cliff & Telford Hardesty by way of Dan Gellert C GDAE
Spider Bit the Baby Kenny Baker C GDAE
Stackolee Rector Hicks C GDAE
Staggering Blues Uncle Dick Hutchison C GDAE
Steamboat Blues Leonard Smith C GDAE
Streak O' Lean, Streak O' Fat John Dilleshaw & Seven Foot Dilly C GDAE
Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy Kilby Spencer C GDAE
Ten Cent Cotton Eck Robertson C GDAE
Ten Cent Piece Reaves White County Ramblers C GDAE
Ten Strike Chirps Smith C GDAE
Tennessee Grey Eagle Jim Herd C GDAE
Terrell Texas Blues Oscar Harper C GDAE
Texas Gals Tommy Jarrell C GDAE
Thirty First Street Blues Leake County Revelers C GDAE
Three Legged Milk Stool Graham Townsend C GDAE