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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Chinquapin Hunting Norman Edmonds Norman Edmonds A AEAE
Going Down The River J.P. Fraley J.P. Fraley A AEAE
White River Gene Goforth Gene Goforth A AEAC#
Fiddler's Blues Lonnie Robertson Lonnie Robertson A GDAE
Wake Up Susan Franklin George Franklin George A GDAE
Paddy On The Pike Wilson Douglas Wilson Douglas A AEAE
Starvation On Hell Creek Charlie Fraley Charlie Fraley A AEAE
Jenny Run Away In The Mud In The Night Marcus Martin Marcus Martin A AEAE
Last Of Callahan Luther Strong Luther Strong A AEAE
Cookhouse Joe Estill Bingham Estill Bingham A AEAE
Bill Cheatam Eck Robertson Eck Robertson A AEAE
Money Musk Henry Reed Henry Reed A GDAE
Trouble On My Mind John Salyer John Salyer A AEAE
Rattlesnake K.C. Kartchner K.C. Kartchner A AEAE
Grub Springs Ernest Claunch Ernest Claunch A AEAE
Bull At The Wagon Earl Collins Earl Collins A AEAE
Fire On The Mountain Isham Monday Isham Monday A AEAE
Happy Hollow Marcus Martin Marcus Martin A AEAC#
Breaking Up Christmas Tommy Jarrell Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Bull At The Wagon Dempson Lewis Lewis Brothers A GDAE