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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Flop Eared Mule Alice Backer Alice Backer D & A GDAE
Golden Slippers Alice Backer Alice Backer D GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground Andy Tersten Andy Tersten C GDAE
Old Mother Flanagan Andy Tersten Andy Tersten A GDAE
Robinson County Andy Williams Andy Williams D GDAE
Sugar Hill Andy Williams Andy Williams D GDAE
Fiddle Contest Introduction Announcer Announcer
Announcements Announcer Announcer
Cotton Eyed Joe Becky Williams Becky Williams
Liberty Bill Schmidt Bill Schmidt
Dubuque Bill Schmidt Bill Schmidt
Shoo Fly Bill Talley Bill Talley
Rose Division Bill Talley Bill Talley D
Rocky Mountain Goat Bob Dalcimer Bob Dalcimer D GDAE
Take Me Back To Georgia Bob Dalcimer Bob Dalcimer C GDAE
Soldier's Joy Bob Flesher Bob Flesher
Cacklin' Hen Bob Flesher Bob Flesher
Hobb Dye, Katy Hill Bob Potts Bob Potts G GDAE
Ragtime Annie Bobby Lundy Bobby Lundy D GDAE
Little Liza Jane Bobby Lundy Bobby Lundy G GDAE