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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Breakdown D GDAE
Breakdown E GDAE
Breakdown E GDAE
Chicken And Dumplings G GDAE
Shanghai Rooster G GDAE
The Cat Came Back A GDAE
Cotton Eyed Joe A GDAE
American Hornpipe D GDAE
Breakdown D GDAE
The Old Gray Mare G GDAE
Breakdown D GDAE
Keller's Waltz G GDAE
Wednesday Night Waltz D GDAE
Dick McGrale's Jig A GDAE
The Fox And Hounds "Stick" Osborne "Stick" Osborne G GDAE
Leather Britches "Stick" Osborne "Stick" Osborne G GDAE
Ladies' Fancy Ardell Christopher Ardell Christopher E GDAE
Rocky Mountain Goat Ardell Christopher Ardell Christopher D GDAE
Tom & Jerry Ardell Christopher Ardell Christopher A GDAE
Breakdown Aubrey Smith Aubrey Smith D GDAE