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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Devil's Dream Melvin Wine Melvin Wine A GDAE
Devil's Hornpipe Roy Wooliver Roy Wooliver A GDAE
Dinah Henry Reed Henry Reed A GDAE
Don't You Cry My Honey Bert Layne, Clayton McMichen & Lowe Stokes Skillet Lickers A AEAE
Double File Gaither Carlton Gaither Carlton A AEAE
Down The Road Marion Reece Marion Reece A AEAE
Drunkard's Hiccoughs Jim Bowles Jim Bowles A AEAC#
Drunken Bill Goat Eck Robertson Eck Robertson A GDAE
Drunken Hiccups William Stepp William Stepp A AEAC#
Drunken Hiccups Tommy Jarrell Tommy Jarrell A AEAC#
Farewell Whiskey John Hatcher John Hatcher A AEAE
Fiddler's Blues Lonnie Robertson Lonnie Robertson A GDAE
Field Lark Arville Sandusky Arville Sandusky A AEAE
Fire In The Mountain John Salyer John Salyer A AEAE
Fire On The Mountain Ron Hughey Ron Hughey A GDAE
Fire On The Mountain Isham Monday Isham Monday A AEAE
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Skillet Lickers Skillet Lickers A AEAE
Frisky Jim Bob Walters Bob Walters A GDAE
Froggy Went A Courting John A. Brown John A. Brown A AEAE
Galleynipper J.P. Fraley J.P. Fraley A AEAE