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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Sals Gone To The Cider Mill Skillet Lickers Skillet Lickers C GDAE
Gallop to Georgia William T. Narmour Narmour & Smith C GDAE
Knoxville Rag Dick Taylor Taylor, Moore & Burnett C GDAE
Little Black Moustache Gene Clardy Gene Clardy & Stan Clements C GDAE
Searcy County Rag Anson Fuller Ashley's Melody Men C GDAE
Soap In The Washpan Andy Palmer Jimmy Johnsons String Band C GDAE
Grey Eagle Cyril Stinnett Cyril Stinnett C GDAE
Maysville J.P. Fraley J.P. Fraley C GDAE
Cherry River Rag Ed Haley Ed Haley C GDAE
Old Seth Sammie Walker Sammie Walker C GDAE
Tiehacker Tune #1 Nile Wilson Nile Wilson C GDAE
Indian Ate The Woodchuck John Salyer John Salyer C GDAE
Barrow County Stomp Theo Clark Theo & Gus Clark C GDAE
Done Gone Clayton McMichen Clayton McMichen C GDAE
Sand Mountain Drag Harry Kiker Harry Kiker C GDAE
Georgia Camp Meeting Will Gilmer Leake County Revelers C GDAE
Ladies Quadrille Ivan Laam Happy Hayseeds C GDAE
Black River Walter Alexander Walter Alexander C GDAE
Stones Rag Charles Arrington Paul Warmacks Gully Jumpers C GDAE
Hale's Rag Theron Hale Theron Hale And Daughters C GDAE