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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Wake Up Susan Franklin George Franklin George A GDAE
Wake Up Susan Ed Haley Ed Haley A GDAE
Up Jumped Trouble Roy Wooliver Roy Wooliver A GDAE
Two White Nickels John Hutchison John Hutchison A GDAE
Turkey Knob Clark Kessinger Clark Kessinger A GDAE
Three Thin Dimes John Hutchison John Hutchison A GDAE
Talk To Dinah Pete McMahan Pete McMahan A GDAE
Sugar In The Gourd John Ashby John Ashby A GDAE
Stoney Fork Gene Goforth Gene Goforth A GDAE
Spotted Pony Carol Hascall Carol Hascall A GDAE
Simpson County Jim Bowles Jim Bowles A GDAE
Salty River Reel Cyril Stinnett Cyril Stinnett A GDAE
Saddle Old Kate Lonnie Robertson Lonnie Robertson A GDAE
Redbird Clark Kessinger Clark Kessinger A GDAE
Rebel Raid John Hannah John Hannah A GDAE
Rabbit Where's Your Mammy John H. Crockett Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers A GDAE
Oyster River Quadrille Bob Walters Bob Walters A GDAE
Old Sport Bill Northcutt Bill Northcutt A GDAE
Old Flannigan Frank Miller Blue Ridge Mountaineers A GDAE
Old Aunt Adkins Owen "Snake" Chapman Owen "Snake" Chapman A GDAE