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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Snowbird In The Ashbank John Masters John Masters D GDAE
Little Bobby John Salyer John Salyer D GDAE
Wabash Fox Trot Howe Teague Howe Teague D GDAE
Wagoner's Lad Buell Kazee Buell Kazee D GDAE
Waiting For The Boatsman Melvin Wine Melvin Wine D GDAE
Walking In The Parlor Tony Alderman & Charlie Bowman & Fred Roe Hill Billies D GDAE
Way Down The Old Plank Road Uncle Dave Macon Uncle Dave Macon D GDAE
Wednesday Night Waltz Will Gilmer Leake County Revelers D GDAE
West Fork Girls French Carpenter French Carpenter D GDAE
West Fork Girls Wilson Douglas Wilson Douglas D GDAE
White River Bottoms Lotus Dickey Lotus Dickey D GDAE
Whoa! Mule Elvis Tony Alderman Hill Billies D GDAE
Willow Creek Ralph Whited Ralph Whited D GDAE
Wilson's Clog Melvin Wine Melvin Wine D GDAE
Wimbush Rag Theo Clark Theo & Gus Clark D GDAE
Wolf Creek Roy Bennett Roy Bennett D GDAE
Woodchopper's Breakdown Bob Walters Bob Walters D GDAE
Yellow Barber Buddy Thomas Buddy Thomas D GDAE
Yellow Cat Earl Collins Earl Collins D GDAE
Yellow Cat Bill Shelor Bill Shelor D GDAE