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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Yes My Buddy, I'm A-Getting Right There C.W. Strong C.W. Strong G GDAE
Yellow Rose Of Texas Ben Jarrell Da Costa Woltz D GDAE
Yellow Gals Ron Hughey Ron Hughey A Modal GDAE
Yellow Cat Earl Collins Earl Collins D GDAE
Yellow Cat Bill Shelor Bill Shelor D GDAE
Yellow Barber Buddy Thomas Buddy Thomas D GDAE
Yearlings In The Canebrake Captain M.J. Bonner Captain M.J. Bonner A Modal GDAE
Woodchopper's Breakdown Bob Walters Bob Walters D GDAE
Wolf Creek Roy Bennett Roy Bennett D GDAE
Winnipeg Reel Jean Carignan Jean Carignan G GDAE
Wink The Other Eye William Virgil Garrett Hack's String Band G GDAE
Wine's Delight Melvin Wine Melvin Wine A Modal GDAE
Wimbush Rag Theo Clark Theo & Gus Clark D GDAE
Wilson's Clog Melvin Wine Melvin Wine D GDAE
Willow Creek Ralph Whited Ralph Whited D GDAE
Wilfred Guillette's Tune Louis Beaudoin Louis Beaudoin G GDAE
Wild Rose Of The Mountain J.P. Fraley J.P. Fraley A Modal GDAE
Wild John Byron Berline Byron Berline C GDAE
Wild Horse In The Cane Break Jake Phelps Jake Phelps G GDAE
Wild Horse Ed Haley Ed Haley G GDAE