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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Sugar Tree Stomp Arthur Smith Arthur Smith G GDAE
Sugar Reel Louis Beaudoin Louis Beaudoin D GDAE
Sugar In The Gourd John Ashby John Ashby A GDAE
Sugar In The Gourd Marcus Martin Marcus Martin G GDAE
Sugar In The Gourd Joe Politte Joe Politte D GDAE
Sugar In The Gourd Nile Wilson Nile Wilson D GDAE
Stuart's Longbow Roy Bennett Roy Bennett D GDAE
Stuart's Longbow Arville Sandusky Arville Sandusky D GDAE
Stranger on a Mule Elzie Estes Elzie Estes G GDAE
Stoney Fork Gene Goforth Gene Goforth A GDAE
Stonewall Jackson Ed Haley Ed Haley C GDAE
Stones Rag Charles Arrington Paul Warmacks Gully Jumpers C GDAE
Stepping In The Parlor Sammie Walker Sammie Walker D GDAE
Step Around Johnny Sam Taylor Sam Taylor D GDAE
Squalling Cats Bill Hensley Bill Hensley G GDAE
Spotted Pony Carol Hascall Carol Hascall A GDAE
Speed The Plow Henry Reed Henry Reed G GDAE
Sopping The Gravy Clark Kessinger Clark Kessinger D GDAE
Soapsuds Over The Fence Bert Layne, Clayton McMichen, Gid Tanner & Lowe Stokes Skillet Lickers G GDAE
Soapsuds Over The Fence Mose Coffman Mose Coffman D GDAE