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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Old Ark's A-Movin' Taylor Kimble Taylor Kimble D GDAE
Old Jake Gillie Clark Kessinger Clark Kessinger D GDAE
Old Molly Hare Ernest Claunch Ernest Claunch D GDAE
Old Molly Hare John H. Crockett Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers D GDAE
Old Richmond A.L. Hall A.L. Hall D GDAE
Old Time Cinda Elvis Tony Alderman Hill Billies D GDAE
Old Tobacco Hill Wilse Reynolds Wilse Reynolds D GDAE
Old Voile Frank Miller Blue Ridge Mountaineers D GDAE
On Christmas Eve Uncle Dick Hutchison Uncle Dick Hutchison D GDAE
Over The Mountain Uncle Dave Macon Uncle Dave Macon D GDAE
Over The Waterfall Henry Reed Henry Reed D GDAE
Paddy On The Railroad Bob Walters Bob Walters D GDAE
Peacock Rag Arthur Smith Arthur Smith D GDAE
Peter Francisco Malcolm Owen and Bill Hicks Fuzzy Mountain String Band D GDAE
Pig Ankle Rag Ron Hughey Ron Hughey D GDAE
Pig Ankle Rag Uncle Dick Hutchison Uncle Dick Hutchison D GDAE
Pinedale Waltz K.C. Kartchner K.C. Kartchner D GDAE
Poplar Bluff Ed Haley Ed Haley D GDAE
Possum Trot Bill Shelor Bill Shelor D GDAE
Possum Up A Gum Stump Ralph Whited Ralph Whited D GDAE