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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Will There Be Any Stars Edden Hammons Edden Hammons F GDAE
Winston In The 50's Jerry Holland Jerry Holland F GDAE
Winston Tune Frank Ferrel Frank Ferrel F GDAE
Zig Zag Hornpipe Pete McMahan Pete McMahan F GDAE
Alma Waltz Mississippi Mud Steppers Mississippi Mud Steppers F GDAE
Blackhawk Waltz J.C Hounshell J.C Hounshell F GDAE
Castillian Waltz Darley Fulks Darley Fulks F GDAE
Crystal Stream Waltz Dean Johnston Dean Johnston F GDAE
Dream Of Heaven K.C. Kartchner K.C. Kartchner F GDAE
Harrison Greely Andy Cahan Andy Cahan F GDAE
Herring Reel Eddie Arsenault Eddie Arsenault F GDAE
High Point Kenny Baker Kenny Baker F GDAE
Hull's Victory L.O. Weeks L.O. Weeks F GDAE
Honeysuckle Time August Merrill August Merrill F GDAE
Husking Bee Coon's Joy Boys Coon's Joy Boys F GDAE
I Lost My Girl Earl Johnson Earl Johnson F GDAE
Irish American Reel Yvon Cuerrier Yvon Cuerrier F GDAE
Kilnamona Barndance Martin Hayes Martin Hayes F GDAE
Lady Templeton's Clog Rodney Miller Rodney Miller F GDAE
Little River Stomp Tony Thomas Tony Thomas F GDAE