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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Ole Bull Hornpipe James Bryan James Bryan F GDAE
Olympic Two Step Graham Townsend Graham Townsend F GDAE
Ozark Rag Daniel H. Williams East Texas Serenaders F GDAE
Perth Assembly Joseph Cormier Joseph Cormier F GDAE
Phil's Clog Grant Lamb Grant Lamb F GDAE
Possum Hollow Charles Stripling Stripling Brothers F GDAE
Quadrille Montcalm Joseph Allard Joseph Allard F GDAE
Rae Reel Joseph & JP Cormier Joseph & JP Cormier F GDAE
Ross's Reel #4 Rodney Miller Rodney Miller F GDAE
Black Bottom Strut Three Stripped Gears Three Stripped Gears F GDAE
Blue Cap Joseph Allard Joseph Allard F GDAE
Branson Rag Noel Scott Noel Scott F GDAE
Brazos Bottom Rag J.W. Whatley J.W. Whatley F GDAE
Buffalo Gals Brad Leftwich Brad Leftwich F GDAE
Chirps & Williams Ed Baggott Ed Baggott F GDAE
Compliments To Buddy MacMaster Jerry Holland Jerry Holland F GDAE
Compliments To The Browns Of Dingwal Frank Ferrel Frank Ferrel F GDAE
County Fair, The Jim Childress Uncle Henry's Favorites F GDAE
Crafton Blues J.C. Hounshell J.C. Hounshell F GDAE
Cripple Coon Hoyt Ming Hoyt Ming & His Pepsteppers F GDAE