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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Curly Headed Woman Leonard Rutherford Burnett & Rutherford F GDAE
Czar Of Russia's Favorite James Bryan James Bryan F GDAE
Dallas Rag Dallas String Band Dallas String Band F GDAE
Darkies' Dream Grant Lamb Grant Lamb F GDAE
Decatur Street Rag George Walburn George Walburn and Emmett Hethcox F GDAE
Deer Foot Rodney Miller Rodney Miller F GDAE
Ebeneezer Kenneth Lampley Kenneth Lampley F GDAE
Elsmith Four Step Grant Lamb Grant Lamb F GDAE
Everybody's Doing It Lowe Stokes Lowe Stokes F GDAE
Everything Howe Teague Howe Teague F GDAE
F Hornpipe Ray Curbow Ray Curbow F GDAE
Fiddle On Fire Jerry Holland Jerry Holland F GDAE
Fisher's Hornpipe Winston Scotty Fitzgerald Winston Scotty Fitzgerald F GDAE
Flop Ear Mule Ralph Graybeal Ralph Graybeal F GDAE
Foolin' Around Aubrey Haynie Aubrey Haynie F GDAE
Fort Worth Rag Benny Thomasson Benny Thomasson F GDAE
Forty Drops Andrew Baxter Andrew & Jim Baxter F GDAE
Fred Wilson's Clog Joseph Cormier Joseph Cormier F GDAE
Georgia Stomp Andrew Baxter Andrew & Jim Baxter F GDAE
Grandma's Rag Dick Burnett Dick Burnett F GDAE