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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Archie Menzie's Reel Winston Scotty Fitzgerald Winston Scotty Fitzgerald F GDAE
Bagot's Two-Step Grant Lamb Grant Lamb F GDAE
Big John McNeil Don Messer Don Messer A GDAE
Blue Cap Joseph Allard Joseph Allard F GDAE
Brae Reel Eddy Arsenault Eddy Arsenault A Modal GDAE
Bruce Lamb's Jig Grant Lamb Grant Lamb C GDAE
Buffalo Chase Andy DeJarlis Andy DeJarlis Bb GDAE
Caber Feigh Graham Townsend Graham Townsend C GDAE
Canadian Reel, Madame Renault Louis Boudreault Louis Boudreault G GDAE
Cape Blomidon Reel Carl Elliott Carl Elliott Bb GDAE
Centennial Waltz Don Messer Don Messer Bb GDAE
Children's Reel Louis Boudreault Louis Boudreault D GDAE
Compliments To Buddy MacMaster Jerry Holland Jerry Holland F GDAE
Cédulie Louis Boudreault Louis Boudreault F GDAE
Darkies' Dream Grant Lamb Grant Lamb F GDAE
Dawn Waltz Don Messer Don Messer Bb GDAE
Democratic Rage Richard Wood Richard Wood Bb GDAE
Don Tremaine's Reel Graham Townsend Graham Townsend D GDAE
Earl Mitton's Breakdown Earl Mitton Earl Mitton Bb GDAE
Elsmith Four Step Grant Lamb Grant Lamb F GDAE