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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Come Back Alive Canote Brothers Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Cotton Eyed Joe Noah Beavers Noah Beavers A AEAC#
Cows In The Pea Patch Burl Hammons Burl Hammons A AEAC#
Cripple Creek Canote Brothers Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Edward In The Treetop John Hannah John Hannah A AEAC#
Fruit Fly Blues Pete Sutherland Pete Sutherland A AEAC#
Hickory Smith Canote Brothers Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Hound Chase Arnold Sharp Arnold Sharp A AEAC#
I Ain't A Bit Drunk Canote Brothers Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Jack's Creek Ridge Bruce Greene Bruce Greene A AEAC#
Jaybird In The Ashbrook Foghorn String Band Foghorn String Band A AEAC#
Round The Old Church Ground Edden Hammons Edden Hammons F GDAE
Safe Harbor Rag Chirps Smith Chirps Smith F GDAE
Saint John's Hoedown Joe Pancerzewski Joe Pancerzewski F GDAE
Saratoga Hornpipe Don Roy Don Roy F GDAE
Satisfied Paul Anastasio Paul Anastasio F GDAE
Shant In Old Shanty Town Phil & Vivian Williams Phil & Vivian Williams F GDAE
Silly Bill Charlie Higgins Charlie Higgins F GDAE
Skyland Rag John Rector Rector Trio F GDAE
Smokey Mountain Rag Kenny Baker Kenny Baker F GDAE