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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
John Henry Joe Birchfield Joe Birchfield C FCGD
Eighth Of January John Lusk John Lusk D ADAE
Altamont Oscar Overturf Oscar Overturf D ADAE
Tennessee Girls John Dykes Dykes Magic City Trio D ADAE
Apple Blossom John Lusk John Lusk D ADAE
New Five Cents Lusk, Gribble & York Lusk, Gribble & York C GDAE
Round Town Girls Tony Alderman & Charlie Bowman & Fred Roe Hill Billies G GDAE
Five Miles To Town John Sharp John Sharp D GDAE
Sail Away Ladies Uncle Bunt Stephens Uncle Bunt Stephens G GDAE
Lynchburg Uncle Jimmy Thompson Uncle Jimmy Thompson, Uncle Jimmy Thompson & Eva Thompson A GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground Lusk, Gribble & York Lusk, Gribble & York C GDAE
Handsome Molly G.B. Grayson Grayson & Whitter G GDAE
Greenback Dollar Dick & Frank Weems Weems String Band C GDAE
Ruffled Drawers Bob Rogers Bob Rogers D GDAE
Widow Haley Arthur Smith Arthur Smith G GDAE
Way Down The Old Plank Road Uncle Dave Macon Uncle Dave Macon D GDAE
Natural Bridge Blues Tommy Magness Tommy Magness A GDAE
Wagoner Uncle Am Stuart Uncle Am Stuart C GDAE
Old Joe, Where'd You Get Your Religion Lusk, Gribble & York Lusk, Gribble & York C GDAE
Sail Away Ladies Kirk McGee & Mazy Todd Uncle Dave Macon G GDAE