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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Adrian's Reel Fred Stoneking Fred Stoneking G GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Vesta Johnson Vesta Johnson D GDAE
Bill Driver Tune R.P. Christeson R.P. Christeson A GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground Kelly Jones Kelly Jones C GDAE
Black Eyed Susie Cliff Bryan Cliff Bryan D GDAE
Bonaparte's Retreat Bunk Williams Bunk Williams D DDAD
Coming Down From Denver Johnny Bruce Johnny Bruce A GDAE
Dance Around Molly Pete McMahan Pete McMahan A GDAE
Darling Nelly Gray Bobby Joe Caldwell Bobby Joe Caldwell D GDAE
Devil's Dream Taylor McBaine Taylor McBaine A GDAE
Durang's Hornpipe Cleo Persinger Cleo Persinger D GDAE
Electric Hornpipe George Morris George Morris A GDAE
Fisher's Hornpipe Jake Hockemeyer Jake Hockemeyer D GDAE
Flowers Of Edinburgh Art Galbraith Art Galbraith G GDAE
Golden Eagle Hornpipe George Morris George Morris G GDAE
Hickory Hornpipe George Helton George Helton A GDAE
Isabelle Waltz Warren Helton Warren Helton C GDAE
Lauterbach Billy Lee Billy Lee C GDAE
Leather Britches Gene Goforth Gene Goforth G GDAE
Listen To The Mockingbird Leroy Canaday Leroy Canaday D GDAE