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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Betty Baker Melvin Wine Melvin Wine G GDAD
Bonaparte's Retreat Howard L. Maxey Howard L. Maxey D GDAD
Citigo Marcus Martin Marcus Martin G GDAD
Cotton Eyed Joe Andrew Carter Carter Brothers & Son G GDAD
Cotton Eyed Joe John Chism Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers G GDAD
Dandy Lusk's Tune Ferinand Lusk Ferinand Lusk G GDAD
Flatwoods Clyde Davenport Clyde Davenport G GDAD
Flatwoods Tommy Jarrell Tommy Jarrell G GDAD
Granny's Old Pacing Horse Manon Campbell Manon Campbell G GDAD
Hook And Line John Dykes Dykes Magic City Trio G GDAD
Inch Along Luther Strong Luther Strong G GDAD
Indian Nation Ernie Carpenter Ernie Carpenter G GDAD
Indian Nation Ed Haley Ed Haley G GDAD
Indian Nation Burl Hammons Burl Hammons G GDAD
Indian Squaw Ed Haley Ed Haley G GDAD
Johnny Court The Widow Bruce Greene Bruce Greene G GDAD
Old Time Sally Goodin Hiram Stamper Hiram Stamper G GDAD
Puncheon Floor Manon Campbell Manon Campbell G GDAD
Rabbit Estill Bingham Estill Bingham G GDAD
Rats In The Meal Barrel John A. Brown John A. Brown G GDAD