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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Grey Eagle Ward Jarvis Ward Jarvis A AEAE
Grey Eagle Jim Booker Taylor's Kentucky Boys A AEAE
Grey Mule Joe Politte Joe Politte A AEAE
Ground Hog Tommy Jarrell Tommy Jarrell A AEAE
Grub Springs Ernest Claunch Ernest Claunch A AEAE
Gunboat Ernie Carpenter Ernie Carpenter A AEAE
Handsome Julie Estill Bingham Estill Bingham A AEAE
Hangman's Reel Albert Hash Albert Hash A AEAE
Head Of The Creek Ward Jarvis Ward Jarvis A AEAE
Hogs And Sheep Going To The Pasture Burl Hammons Burl Hammons A AEAE
Horny Ewe Ernie Carpenter Ernie Carpenter A AEAE
Horse And Buggy O Hiram Stamper Hiram Stamper A AEAE
Huldy In The Sinkhole Birch Patrick Birch Patrick A AEAE
Hungry Hash House Posey Rorer Charlie Poole And The North Carolina Ramblers A AEAE
Ida Red Jim Bowles Jim Bowles A AEAE
Ida Red John Dykes Dykes Magic City Trio A AEAE
Ida Red Bill Hensley Bill Hensley A AEAE
Ida Red James Cowan Powers Fiddlin' Powers & Family A AEAE
Indian Squaw Alva Greene Alva Greene A AEAE
Irish Boy John Salyer John Salyer A AEAE