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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Cripple Creek Burrell Reed Burrell Reed A AEAE
Cruel Master Lewis Thomasson Lewis Thomasson A Modal AEAE
Cuckoo's Nest Roscoe Parish Roscoe Parish A Modal AEAE
Devil's Dream Louis Boudreault Louis Boudreault A AEAE
Devilish Mary Brad Leftwich Brad Leftwich A Modal AEAE
Don't You Cry My Honey Bert Layne, Clayton McMichen & Lowe Stokes Skillet Lickers A AEAE
Double File Gaither Carlton Gaither Carlton A AEAE
Down The Road Marion Reece Marion Reece A AEAE
Drunkard's Hiccups Burrell Reed Burrell Reed A AEAE
Dry And Dusty Lon Jordan Lon Jordan A AEAE
Duck Creek Peter Tumlinson Bell Peter Tumlison Bell, Peter Tumlinson Bell A AEAE
Dusty Miller John A. Brown John A. Brown A Modal AEAE
Farewell Whiskey John Hatcher John Hatcher A AEAE
Featherbed John Salyer John Salyer A Modal AEAE
Fiddler A Dram James Crase James Crase A Modal AEAE
Field Lark Arville Sandusky Arville Sandusky A AEAE
Fire In The Mountain John Salyer John Salyer A AEAE
Fire On The Mountain Marcus Martin Marcus Martin A Modal AEAE
Fire On The Mountain Isham Monday Isham Monday A AEAE
Fire On The Mountain George Mert Reves George Mert Reves A AEAE