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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Sunset Waltz Ben Tinnon Grinnell Giggers C GDAE
Old Rock Road Joe Politte Joe Politte C GDAE
Ragged Bill Gene Goforth Gene Goforth Bb GDAE
Raking The Leaves Lyman Enloe Lyman Enloe G GDAE
Breakdown Bill Driver Bill Driver G GDAE
Oklahoma Redbird Tony Gilmore Tony Gilmore Bb GDAE
Carroll County Blues Bob Walsh Bob Walsh G GDAE
Massa Bill Frank Reed Frank Reed G GDAE
Old Mother McCarthy Cyril Stinnett Cyril Stinnett C GDAE
Grand Picnic Joe Politte Joe Politte D GDAE
Cattle In The Corn Cecil Goforth Cecil Goforth A Modal GDAE
Dixie Blossoms Art Galbraith Art Galbraith G GDAE
Unnamed Reel #3 Bill Driver Bill Driver C GDAE
Clyde Durst's Tune Cyril Stinnett Cyril Stinnett C GDAE
Cotton Pickers Rag Ben Tinnon Grinnell Giggers Bb GDAE
Listen To The Mockingbird Leroy Canaday Leroy Canaday D GDAE
Money And Corn Bill Driver Bill Driver D GDAE
Stones Rag R.P. Christeson R.P. Christeson C GDAE
Bill Katon's Reel Charlie Walden Charlie Walden G GDAE
Sugar In The Gourd Joe Politte Joe Politte D GDAE