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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Jungle Waltz Will Gilmer Leake County Revelers F GDAE
Lonesome Moonlight Waltz Kenny Baker Kenny Baker F GDAE
Mothers Day Waltz Don Messer Don Messer F GDAE
Rose Waltz Benny Thomasson Benny Thomasson F GDAE
Shades Of The Yellow Rose Palmer Loux Palmer Loux F GDAE
Shannon Waltz Daniel H. Williams East Texas Serenaders F GDAE
Spanish Waltz Hugh Roden Hugh Roden & Roy Rogers F GDAE
Sweetheart Waltz Hugh Roden Hugh Roden & His Texas Night Hawks F GDAE
Unnamed Waltz W.S. Collins W.S. Collins F GDAE
Waltz #4 Casey Jones Casey Jones F GDAE
Waltz You Saved For Me Pete McMahan Pete McMahan F GDAE
Bear Creek Sally Goodin Bob Holt Bob Holt A AEAC#
Bells Of Mecklenburg Bob Herring & Rafe Stefanini Bob Herring & Rafe Stefanini A AEAC#
Betty Ann John Ashby John Ashby A AEAC#
Bumblebee On A Gourdvine Benny Thomasson Benny Thomasson A AEAC#
Calico Billy In The Low Ground Tricia Spencer Tricia Spencer A AEAC#
Chased Old Satan Greg Canote Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Choctaw Bill Canote Brothers Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Cluck Old Hen Earl Collins Earl Collins A AEAC#
Cold Frost Morning Canote Brothers Canote Brothers A AEAC#