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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Sailing On The Ocean Tim Woodbridge Tim Woodbridge
Soldier's Joy Bob Flesher Bob Flesher
Cacklin' Hen Bob Flesher Bob Flesher
Shoo Fly Bill Talley Bill Talley
Liberty Bill Schmidt Bill Schmidt
Dubuque Bill Schmidt Bill Schmidt
Marching Through Georgia, Downfall of Paris Steve Garcia Steve Garcia
Grumbling Old Man & Old Woman David Gordon David Gordon
Elk's Festival Hornpipe David Gordon David Gordon
Shootin' Creek, Lowery's Quadrille Howard Ogden Howard Ogden
Tater Patch Mac Benford Mac Benford
Let Me Fall Fred Cockerham Fred Cockerham
Walkin' In The Parlor Walt Koken Walt Koken
Roustabout Kyle Creed Kyle Creed
Reuben's Train Ole Belle Reed Ole Belle Reed, Olle Belle Reed
Cluck Old Hen Mac Benford Mac Benford
June Apple Fred Cockerham Fred Cockerham
Half Shaved Walt Koken Walt Koken
Liza Jane Kyle Creed Kyle Creed
Trickling Waters Ole Belle Reed Ole Belle Reed, Olle Belle Reed