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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Glory In The Meeting House Luther Strong Luther Strong E Modal EDAE
Sail Away Ladies Tommy Jarrell Tommy Jarrell E Modal GDAE
Meg Gray George Hawkins George Hawkins E Modal GDAE
Drunken Wagoner Bob Walters Bob Walters E Modal GDAE
Glory In The Meeting House Marion Sumner Marion Sumner E Minor GDAE
Welch Christmas Carol Kenny Hall, Kenny Hall, mandolin; Morgan Meadow, guitar E Minor GDAE
Rights Of Man Kenny Hall, Kenny Hall, mandoline; Morgan Meadow, guitar E Minor GDAE
La Espanola Morgan Cochneuer Kenny Hall, Kenny Hall, mandolin, vocals; Morgan Cochneuer, fiddle; Tawnya Kovach, guitar E Minor GDAE
Dance Of The Fairies Kenny Hall Kenny Hall, Kenny Hall, mandolin E Minor GDAE
Say Old Man Can You Play The Fiddle Jon Bekoff Jon Bekoff E Minor GDAE
I'm Gonna Go A-Hunting For The Buffalo Jimmy Driftwood Jimmy Driftwood E Minor BEGB
Say Old Man Can You Play A Fiddle Eck Robertson Eck Robertson E Minor EDAE
Coburn Fork of Big Creek Owen "Snake" Chapman Owen "Snake" Chapman E Minor GDAE
Maggie Gray George Hawkins George Hawkins E Minor GDAE
All Young Big Hoedown Big Hoedown, Bruce Molsky, Rafe Stefanini, and Beverly Smith A Modal GDAE
Shelvin' Rock Ernie Carpenter Ernie Carpenter A Modal AEAE
Pretty Little Indian Jon Bekoff Jon Bekoff A Modal GDAE
Shooter Makes Four Mick Manfredo Mick Manfredo A Modal GDAE
Brushy Fork Of John's Creek Art Stamper Art Stamper A Modal AEAE
Boys My Money Is All Gone Jon Bekoff Jon Bekoff, Jon Bekoff, Jim Burns, Bill Dillof, Paula Bradley A Modal GDAE