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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Babe Daniel H. Williams East Texas Serenaders Eb GDAE
Back Up And Push Bert Layne & Clayton McMichen Georgia Organ Grinders C GDAE
Bacon Rind Everett Kays Everett Kays G GDAE
Bacon Rind Tex Atchison Prairie Ramblers G GDAE
Bad Liquor Uncle Dick Hutchison Uncle Dick Hutchison C GDAE
Bailey Waltz Frank Gardner Luke Hignight's Ozark Strutters D GDAE
Baker's Breakdown Kenny Baker Kenny Baker G GDAE
BanjoTramp Ward Jarvis Ward Jarvis D GDAE
Bankhead Blues Sheldon Nations Nations Brothers D GDAE
Barlow Knife John Salyer John Salyer G GDAE
Barrow County Stomp Theo Clark Theo & Gus Clark C GDAE
Bath House Blues Anson Fuller Ashley's Melody Men C GDAE
Bear Creek's Up Ernest Claunch Ernest Claunch G GDAE
Beaux Of Oak Hill Bob Walters Bob Walters D GDAE
Bed Bug Blues W.L. Gregory W.L. Gregory C GDAE
Been To The East Been To The West Will Gilmer Leake County Revelers G GDAE
Belle Of Lexington Emmett Lundy Emmett Lundy D GDAE
Betty Baker Clyde Davenport Clyde Davenport G GDAE
Betty Likens Henry Reed Henry Reed A Modal GDAE
Big Eared Mule John Salyer John Salyer D GDAE