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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Cattle In The Cane Bill Northcutt Bill Northcutt A Modal GDAE
Cauliflower Jimmy Wheeler Jimmy Wheeler G GDAE
Cec McEachern's Reel Jehile Kirkhuff Jehile Kirkhuff A GDAE
Charleston #1 William T. Narmour Narmour & Smith C GDAE
Chattanooga Blaine Smith Blaine Smith, Blaine Smith, Florrie Stewart, Willie Branan G GDAE
Cherokee Polka Ed Haley Ed Haley C GDAE
Cherry River Rag Ed Haley Ed Haley C GDAE
Chicken Reel Jim Bowles Jim Bowles D GDAE
Chicken Reel Doc Roberts Doc Roberts D GDAE
Chickens Don't Roost Too High Leonard Keith Leonard Keith C GDAE
Chillicothe Two-Step Lonnie Seymour Ross County Farmers G GDAE
Chinese Rag Bill Edwards Spooney Five C GDAE
Cincinnati Hornpipe John Salyer John Salyer D GDAE
Clay Portelle's Tune Joe Politte Joe Politte D GDAE
Cleveland's March to the White House Emmett Lundy Emmett Lundy G GDAE
Climbing Up The Golden Stairs Dolph Wilson Dolph Wilson G GDAE
Clog Melvin Wine Melvin Wine D GDAE
Cluck Old Hen Ed Weaver Ed Weaver G GDAE
Cluck Old Hen Henry Reed Henry Reed A Modal GDAE
Cluck Old Hen Wilson Douglas Wilson Douglas G Modal GDAE