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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Coal Harbor Bend Manon Campbell Manon Campbell G GDAE
Coal Mine Blues Charles Stripling Stripling Brothers G GDAE
Coburn Fork of Big Creek Owen "Snake" Chapman Owen "Snake" Chapman E Minor GDAE
Come Be My Rainbow Scottdale String Band Scottdale String Band G GDAE
Cornstalk Fiddle And A Shoestring Bow Clyde Davenport Clyde Davenport G GDAE
Cotton Baggin' Skillet Lickers Skillet Lickers G GDAE
Cotton Bonnet Estill Bingham Estill Bingham G GDAE
Cotton Eyed Joe Wilson Douglas Wilson Douglas G GDAE
Cousin Sally Brown Gaither Carlton Gaither Carlton D GDAE
Cousin Sally Brown Marcus Martin Marcus Martin A Minor GDAE
Cowboy's Dream John Hutchison John Hutchison D GDAE
Cowhide Boots Lyman Enloe Lyman Enloe G GDAE
Crab Orchard Hornpipe Estill Bingham Estill Bingham G GDAE
Cranberry Rock Burl Hammons Burl Hammons C GDAE
Crockett's Honeymoon John H. Crockett Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers G GDAE
Crooked John Silas Rogers Kentucky String Ticklers C GDAE
Croquet Habits Leslie & Hendrix Freeny Freeny's Barn Dance Band C GDAE
Crow Little Rooster Max Collins Max Collins A GDAE
Cuckoo's Nest Ed Haley Ed Haley A Modal GDAE
Cuckoo's Nest Dan White Dan White A Modal GDAE