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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Durang's Hornpipe Bill Driver Bill Driver D GDAE
Durang's Hornpipe Joe Politte Joe Politte D GDAE
Dusty Miller Gene Goforth Gene Goforth A GDAE
East Tennessee Blues Dean Johnston Dean Johnston C GDAE
Echoes Of The Ozarks Bill Driver Bill Driver D GDAE
Effie's Hornpipe RP Christeson RP Christeson Bb GDAE
Eighth Of January Carol Hascall Carol Hascall D GDAE
Eighth Of January Pete McMahan Pete McMahan D GDAE
Electric Hornpipe George Morris George Morris A GDAE
Elephant Hornpipe Joe Politte Joe Politte G GDAE
Emminence Breakdown Gene Goforth Gene Goforth D GDAE
Everything Howe Teague Howe Teague F GDAE
F Hornpipe Ray Curbow Ray Curbow F GDAE
Fan Me While I Dream Lacey Hartje Lacey Hartje G GDAE
Farewell John Cleo Persinger Cleo Persinger D GDAE
Farewell Waltz Lonnie Robertson Lonnie Robertson C GDAE
Fat Meat and Dumplins Cyril Stinnett Cyril Stinnett C GDAE
Favorite Hornpipe Pete McMahan Pete McMahan Bb GDAE
Fiddler's Blues Lonnie Robertson Lonnie Robertson A GDAE
Fiddler's Dream Pete McMahan Pete McMahan G & D GDAE