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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Tunes From Home Schottische Bob Walters Bob Walters G & C GDAE
Black & White Rag Jon Bekoff Jon Bekoff G & C GDAE
Snap Waltz Joe Politte Joe Politte G & C GDAE
Happy Hayseeds Two Step Kenny Hall, Kenny Hall, mandolin; Morgan Meadow, guitar G & C GDAE
Sicilian Polka Kenny Hall Kenny Hall, Kenny Hall, Marta Hall, Bill Lehr, Linda Guerrero, Jeffrey Shelby G & C GDAE
I Never Could Love Another Girl Like That Lewis Thomasson Lewis Thomasson G & C GDAE
Farewell Ducktown Allen Sisson Allen Sisson G & C GDAE
Old Hen Cackled And The Rooster Crowed Jesse Young Homer Davenport & The Young Brothers G & C GDAE
Black & White Rag Jess Humphries Humphries Brothers G & C GDAE
Ace Of Spades Amos Chase Amos Chase G & C GDAE
Charleston Rag Aiken County String Band Aiken County String Band G & C GDAE
Cincinnati Hornpipe Estil Adams Estil Adams G & C GDAE