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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Schottische John Summers John Summers C GDAE
Schottische Marcus Martin Marcus Martin C GDAE
Schottische Uncle Dick Hutchison Uncle Dick Hutchison C GDAE
Up Jumped the Rabbit Georgia Pot Lickers Georgia Pot Lickers C GDAE
Wagoner Pop Baker Pop Baker C GDAE
Wagoner Hornpipe Red Steeley Red Steeley C GDAE
Waiting For The Robert E Lee Scottdale String Band Scottdale String Band C GDAE
Walking In The Parlor Darley Fulks Darley Fulks C GDAE
Walter Harmon's Hornpipe Donald Duff Donald Duff C GDAE
Wang Wang Blues Lee Stripling Lee Stripling C GDAE
Webbs Tune Lonnie Seymour Ross County Farmers C GDAE
West Virginia Polka Harvey "Pappy" Taylor Harvey "Pappy" Taylor C GDAE
Whalens Breakdown Don Messer Don Messer C GDAE
What Makes A Wildcat Wild Jess Humphries Humphries Brothers C GDAE
Where The Southern Crosses The Dog William T. Narmour Narmour & Smith C GDAE
Scolding Wife Benny Thomasson Benny Thomasson C GDAE
Seventeen Days In Georgia Yankee Ingenuity Yankee Ingenuity C GDAE
Shilo Georgia Mudcats Georgia Mudcats C GDAE
Shoe Cobbler's Blues Bob Holt Bob Holt C GDAE
Sixteen Days In Georgia Melvin Wine Melvin Wine C GDAE