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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Trombone Rag Dwight Lamb Dwight Lamb C GDAE
Trot Along My Honey Howdy Forrester Howdy Forrester C GDAE
Tune # 2 Casey Jones Casey Jones C GDAE
Turkey In The Straw Eck Robertson Eck Robertson C GDAE
Peelin' Taters Johnny Warren Johnny Warren & Charlie Cushman C GDAE
Pegleg Lotus Dickey Lotus Dickey C GDAE
Pete's Breakdown Don Messer Don Messer C GDAE
Poca River Blues Clark Kessinger Clark Kessinger C GDAE
Podunk Toddle Ira Ellis Freeny Harmonizers C GDAE
Pointe Au Pic Graham Townsend Graham Townsend C GDAE
Polecat Creek Bend Chirps Smith Chirps Smith C GDAE
Pond Creek Bottom Otis Reynolds Otis Reynolds C GDAE
Porter Lotus Dickey Lotus Dickey C GDAE
Postuns Jig Paul Tyler Paul Tyler C GDAE
Prairie Polka Frankie Rodgers Frankie Rodgers C GDAE
Put Your Arms Around Me Honey Hold Me Tight John Summers John Summers C GDAE
Rag In C Lonnie Robertson Lonnie Robertson C GDAE
Rattlesnake Bit The Baby John Ashby John Ashby C GDAE
Red Apple Rag Burl Hammons Burl Hammons C GDAE
Red Church John Summers John Summers C GDAE