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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Flight Of The Wild Geese Byard Ray Byard Ray C GDAE
River Stay Away From My Door Charlie Knight Charlie Knight G GDAE
Bucking Mule Dedrick J Harris Dedrick J Harris G GDAE
Whip The Devil Around The Stump Dedrick J. Harris Dedrick J. Harris G GDAE
Blackberry Rag Doc Watson Doc Watson and Ralph Rinzler C GDAE
Puncheon Floor Esker Hutchins Esker Hutchins G GDAE
Sunny Home In Dixie Frank Jenkins Frank Jenkins G GDAE
Wandering Boy Frank Jenkins Frank Jenkins A AEAE
Tucker's Barn Gaither Carlton Gaither Carlton G GDAE
Lone Pilgrim, The Gaither Carlton Gaither Carlton and Doc Watson A AEAE
Roustabout Gaither Carlton Gaither Carlton G GDAE
Sheep's In The Meadow Gaither Carlton Gaither Carlton G GDAE
Cousin Sally Brown Gaither Carlton Gaither Carlton D GDAE
Double File Gaither Carlton Gaither Carlton A AEAE
Muddy Roads Gaither Carlton Gaither Carlton, Ralph Rinzler and Doc Watson D GDAE
John Brown's March Harlan Coble Harlan Coble G GDAE
Magpie Harlan Coble Harlan Coble G GDAE
Mississippi Sawyer J.E. Mainer J.E. Mainer D GDAE
Seven And A Half J.E. Mainer J.E. Mainer A AEAE
Duck's Eyeball Lauchlin Shaw Lauchlin Shaw G GDAE