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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Washington Courthouse Jeff Goehring Jeff Goehring G GDAE
Warfield Arnold Williamson Williamson Brothers & Curry G GDAE
Warfield Perry Riley Perry Riley G GDAE
Waltz In G Howard L. Maxey Howard L. Maxey G GDAE
Walnut Gap Owen "Snake" Chapman Owen "Snake" Chapman G GDAE
Walking That Pretty Girl Home Luther Davis Luther Davis G GDAE
Walking In My Sleep Arthur Smith Arthur Smith G GDAE
Walk Along Johnny E.K. Bowman E.K. Bowman G GDAE
Walk Along John Luke Hignight Luke Hignight's Ozark Strutters G GDAE
Walk Along John Uncle Dick Hutchison Uncle Dick Hutchison G GDAE
Waldorf Reel Gus Meade Gus Meade G GDAE
Walburn Stomp George Walburn Walburn & Hethcox G GDAE
Upper Lehigh Peter Krause Peter Krause G GDAE
Untitled Tune #2 Joe Politte Joe Politte G GDAE
Uncle George Hammons Tune Ernie Carpenter Ernie Carpenter G GDAE
Uncle Charlie's Breakdown Charlie Higgins Charlie Higgins G GDAE
Two Little Indians And One Old Squaw Hiram Stamper Hiram Stamper G GDAD
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Samuel Peacock Smith's Garage Fiddle Band G GDAE
Twinkle Little Star Red Fox Chasers Red Fox Chasers G GDAE
Turkey In The Straw Ward Jarvis Ward Jarvis G GDAE